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I.O. Inc

  • American made precision firearms such as AK style rifles, .380 pistols, and gun accessories.


  • Ammunition, firearms, shooting supplies, gun accessories.


  • Informational and educational community and support resource for firearms owners in Wisconsin and Illinois focused on the transition to Right to Carry in these states.

IDF Holsters

  • Provider of holsters, tactical equipment and weapon accessories.

III Arms

  • AR-15 and 1911 firearms.

Illinois State Rifle Association

  • Second Amendment supporters.


  • Virtual firearm training systems.

Impact Data Books

  • Shooting data books, long range shooting supplies.

Impact Guns

  • Long guns, handguns, gun optics, gun sights, gun holsters, ammunition, magazines.

Impact Steel Targets

  • Rolling steel targets.

Impact Weapons Components

  • Manufacturer of MOUNT-N-SLOT brand Direct Attach Mounts for slings, firearms, hand guards, and buttstocks.

In Motion Targets

  • Manufacturer of moving target systems and AR500 steel targets.

In Range C2

  • Class II Manufacturer, Krinkov conversions, AK rifles.

Incredible Adventures

  • Tactical adventures.

Indiana State Rifle and Pistol Association

  • Second Amendment supporters.

Indianapolis Ordnance

  • Specializes in reproducing and preserving early 20th century military firearms.

Industry Armament

  • Specializes in weapon systems and tactical gear for the military, law enforcement and civilian markets.

Indy 1500 Gun & Knife Show

  • Gun show in Indianapolis, IN.


  • Supplier of ammunition, firearm accessories, shooting supplies, optics, hunting and hiking supplies.

Infinity Ammunition

  • Producer of premium new pistol and rifle ammunition, as well as ammunition components.

Infinity Firearms

  • Custom handguns.

Inline Fabrication

  • Manufacturer of custom reloading equipment.

Innovative GunFighter Solutions – IGFS

  • Specializes in custom firearm enhancements for an increased ability to perform one handed and two handed manipulations of your handgun.

Innovative Technologies

  • Reloading equipment.

Insight Technology

  • Night vision gear, tactical lights.

InSights Training Center

  • Self defense training, firearms training, tactical training.

Integrated Combat Equipment

  • Tactical gear, tactical clothing.

Inter-American Security Products

  • Body armor, tactical gear, self defense products.

International Ammunition Association

  • Ammunition information.

International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors – I.A.L.E.F.I.

  • Firearm instructors.

International Cartridge Corporation

  • Lead free frangible ammunition.

International Firearm Corporation – IFC

  • Importer, distributor, and marketer of firearms, including Arsenal firearms.

International Military Antiques

  • Military Collectibles, military antiques, and militaria ranging from the Napoleonic era through WWII.

International Shootists Institute

  • Handgun competitions.

Interstate Arms Corp – IAC

  • Wholesale distributor of firearms, ammunition, and firearm accessories.

Investment Grade Firearms

  • Gunsmithing for military style weapons.

Invincible Arms

  • Manufacturer of AR-platform rifles, firearm parts and accessories.

IOSSO Products

  • Gun cleaning products.

Iron Brigade Armory

  • Long range sniper rifles, weapon accessories.

Iron Creations

  • Browning 1919A4 parts.

Iron Hammer Armory

  • Builders of custom AK rifles, parts, and accessories.

Iron Viper Products

  • Manufacturer of AR-15 accessories.


  • Rifle cases, range bags.

IT&D Custom Gun

  • Precision rebarreling of bolt action rifles and single shot rifles.

Italian Gun Grease

  • Firearm lubricants and cleaners.

Ivanhoe Warehouse Outlet

  • Used guns, gun magazines.

Iver Johnson Arms

  • 1911 pistols, 22 conversion kits for 1911 pistols.

Ivy Rods

  • Gun cleaning rods.


  • US subsidiary of Israel Weapon Industries (IWI) Ltd, manufacturer of the IWI Tavor.