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May 24

2A Armament Introduces AR 22LR Caliber Rifle

Possibly the best plinker on the market today, the 2A Armament AR 22LR is simply an exceptional .22 caliber rifle, with phenomenal visual aesthetics.

Apr 26

2A Armament Releases the ARL-16 Rifle

Built on the AR15 platform, the ARL-16 offers unique styling and performance that has made it a trusted anchor in the 2A Armament lineup.

Apr 07

Barrett REC10 Rifle Available at Dealers

Available in 308 Win, the semi-automatic Barrett REC10 rifle is now available at firearm dealers for civilian purchase.

Apr 06

Palouse Lite Kicks off the 2A Builder Series

The 2A Armament team has been working quietly to perfect the Palouse Lite rifle in their much-anticipated Builder Series.

May 30

2A Armament Introduces .22 LR Rifles

2A Armament Introduces .22 LR AR rifles are great for hunting, self-defense and just plain fun. However, as any avid shooter knows, 5.56/.223 Rem. ammunition can get quite expensive, especially when training. As a result, many shooters look for an AR rifle chambered in .22 LR or conversion parts for turning their current AR platform …

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