Palouse Lite Kicks off the 2A Builder Series

2A Armament

Palouse Lite Kicks off the 2A Builder Series

Boise, ID – ( – The 2A Armament team has been working quietly to perfect the Palouse Lite rifle in their much-anticipated Builder Series. The series is designed to introduce a fully customizable, exceptional quality rifle at an affordable price point.

2A Armament Palouse Lite

The Builder Series is a game changer in the AR market. Every piece is built to perfection through incredibly detailed machining processes. The highest quality components used to customize an AR are often segmented within the market. 2A is solving for this by bringing everything under one house at a better price point. It removes the barrier to entry for many folks wanting an amazing AR with a custom look and feel.

The Palouse Lite falls within the Builder Series and is open for complete customization. The stock rifle weighs a mere 5.3 pounds and collapses down to 33-inches. The extended length is 36.5-inches.

Like all 2A products, the quality of machining processes a significant differentiator in the market. Every component is custom built and machined to absolute perfection. This entire process takes place in the USA, right in the great state of Idaho. Both the Upper and Lower units are machined to create a refined look while reducing the overall weight.

The Palouse Lite comes with the Mlok handguards, a Mission First Minimalist stock, Magpul grip and a BCM Gunfighter charging handle. Each piece is made to balance the rifle and create a beautiful system that performs flawlessly.

Key Product Specs:

  • 2A Forged 7075 Upper
  • 2A Forged 7075 Lower
  • Upper/Lowers forgings machined for unique enhanced detail and weight reduction.
  • Mission First Minimalist stock
  • 2A 5-Position billet buffer tube
  • Magpul grip
  • ALG Trigger
  • 2A Full Mass BCG
  • 2A Billet mag catch assembly
  • 2A Lightweight profile 5.56 16″ barrel
  • 2A 15″ Mlok handguard
  • 2A T3 Steel Comp
  • BCM Gunfighter charging handle
  • 2A Aluminum Drilled thru takedown pins
  • 2A billet trigger guard
  • Weight: 5.3 pounds
  • 36.5″ extended and 33″ collapsed

2A Armament: State of the Art Firearm Manufacturing

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Built with performance and craftsmanship in mind, 2A Armament offers a dynamic line up of hunting and precision rifles, uppers, parts, and accessories. 2A Armament’s facilities feature state of the art manufacturing and process controls to ensure the highest possible quality in high-volume, technically demanding components and finished rifles on the market. We are a CNC, ISO 9001 and AS 9100 certified advance manufacturing machining shop for the aerospace, medical, prosthetic, motorsports, semiconductor and outdoor recreation markets. Out technical ability coupled with hand finishing of every part, results in an unmatched fit, finish, and performance of our firearms. There is no better AR platform available to consumers that present a better balance or weight, performance and value.

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