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Apr 07

Barrett REC10 Rifle Available at Dealers

Available in 308 Win, the semi-automatic Barrett REC10 rifle is now available at firearm dealers for civilian purchase.

Mar 16

Barrett MRAD Rifle Awarded USSOCOM Advanced Sniper Rifle Contract

Barrett has been awarded the contract for ASR (Advanced Sniper Rifle) in support of the US Sniper Operations Command with its MRAD Rifle.

Mar 13

Barrett Attends USASOC Sniper Competition

Barrett will be at the 10th Annual USASOC Sniper Competition and will donate two MRADs and partnering with Capstone to donate 200 rounds of ammo with each rifle.

Mar 08

Crosstac’s Paul Phillips Hits Target at 6,000 Yards

Crosstac, the innovator behind gear for the serious competitor to the beginner shooter, is pleased to announce, Paul Phillips, successfully shot 6,012 yards

Mar 14

Assault Weapons Ban of 2018 (HR 5087) – Buyer’s Guide

In an attempt to capitalize on tragedy, several anti-gun Democrats have introduced H.R. 5087, also known as the Assault Weapons Ban of 2018. This bill represents a gun ban that could strip law abiding Americans of the right to own most semi-automatic firearms! While the anti-Second Amendment supporters of this bill want to take away your …

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