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Aug 15

Act of War by Brad Thor

Act of War by Brad Thor Background A foreign country has initiated an unconventional attack that will cripple the United States within days. The death toll of this attack will be in the millions and forever change life as we know it. With little time to spare, the new US President turns to covert counterterrorism …

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Jun 27

Federal American Eagle .223 Rem 55 gr FMJ

I dread the weekly grocery shopping trip to Walmart! But, I’ve found that picking up a box of ammo during the trip somehow makes the experience tolerable. Today we shopped at a different Walmart than we usually do, and I found a good supply of Federal American Eagle .223 Rem 55 gr FMJ ammo. Our usual …

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Jun 23

Starlight Case and the Shih Tzu

How is this for a random picture?… A Starlight case, a Shih Tzu, and Nicolas Cage! As some of you know, our little Shih Tzu, Maggie, runs the office (at least, she thinks she does). Any time a new package comes in, she has to inspect it. But, her fascination with this Starlight case is borderline obsessive. …

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Jun 20

Cutting the Foam Insert on a Starlight Rifle Case

As with many high quality gun cases on the market, my new Starlight gun case requires the user to cut out the foam insert(s) to achieve a custom fit for your firearm and accessories. Simple enough, right? Well, maybe. But I’ll admit, I put off this task for a couple of weeks. Why the procrastination? …

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Jun 03

Starlight Rifle Case

As you may know, we have been testing the Kavod KVD-15 rifle from Kavod Custom. We have been toying around with the type of case we should use for the rifle, and have decided to go with a Starlight Rifle Case, which has already arrived. I know, I know… we’ve already tested a few cases …

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