Eagle Imports

Bersa Firearms

Bersa Firearms Pricing for 2019

Eagle Imports has announced new pricing for the Bersa line including all models in the popular Thunder and BP CC series of firearms.

Bersa TPR & TPRC Pistols

Bersa TPR & TPRC Pistols

Evolution is a Powerful Thing: Eagle Imports, Inc. Announces the Next Generation of Popular Bersa TPR Series Pistols Introducing the … Read more

January GUNS Magazine

Robar PolymAR-15 in Guns Magazine

ROBAR’s PolymAR-15 Exorcises Weight-Creep Demon In January GUNS Magazine (ArmsVault.com) – ROBAR’s “light-’n’-lethal,” 5.56 polymer gets the AR-style rifle back … Read more