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ROBAR’s PolymAR-15 Exorcises Weight-Creep Demon In January GUNS Magazine

( – ROBAR’s “light-’n’-lethal,” 5.56 polymer gets the AR-style rifle back to fighting weight in January GUNS Magazine, sporting it’s new slim, high-tech upper and lower. Contributing Editor Holt Bodinson reviews the PolymAR-15 to see how well ROBAR exorcised the “weight-creep demon,” bane of ARs.

“Not only is it a pound lighter than a typical AR carbine, it has a different dynamic,” Bodinson observes. “The weight of this polymer receiver is better distributed between your hands, and while lighter, it actually feels more stable. Packed along with Leupold’s latest Carbine Optic and Enhanced View Optic, it’s as fast as a cat in action.”

January GUNS Magazine
January GUNS Magazine

In “Perfecting a Platform,” Executive Editor Payton Miller takes a look at Ruger’s GP100 Match Champion and discusses why it’s the “next generation” in the company’s double-action revolver lineup.

“At first glance the most striking thing about the Match Champion is the 4.2-inch slab-sided, half-lug barrel which is much more graceful than the industrial-strength, full-lug barrel of its parent GP,” Miller writes. “The rear also has a locking screw to adjust windage for whatever load you settle on… it’s nice to know, in view of the fact this revolver is purpose-built to shrug off magnum stresses and strains, the rear sight is going to stay put.”

Contributing Editor Massad Ayoob reviews the HK P30SK — the latest in Heckler and Koch’s series of hammer-fired pistols.

“To test a deer rifle, you’d want to take it deer hunting. To test a defensive pistol, you want to do some combat shooting, so I took the P30SK with me to teach a MAG-40 class, and I was, by and large, happy with it,” Ayoob says. “With a stubby 2-finger grip frame, 10+1 9mm cartridge capacity, 1.37-inch thickness and 6.42-inch length, it seems designed to compete squarely in the market now dominated by the GLOCK 26. A relatively high bore axis gives it a bit more muzzle rise than most of its striker-fired competitors, but it didn’t feel like a handicap in shooting.”

Other features in the January issue of GUNS include a look by Dr. Will Dabbs at EAA’s 12-gauge MKA 1919 Match shotgun for 3-Gun competitors, a feature on the history of revolvers by Mike “Duke” Venturino, JB Wood’s take on the Beretta Pico .380 ACP and a column by Holt Bodinson on Ithaca’s classic lever-action M49 .22 saddlegun.

Eagle Import Inc’s Grand Power K100 heads up the January GUNS Giveaway. Also included in the giveaway is the H.E.S.T Original survival tool from DPx and FLUGZ customizable ear protection from Otis Technology — a total package value of $989.95.

Each issue of GUNS includes links to online-only extras. In this month’s online-only feature, Matthew Cosenzo shreds the traditional concept of hollowpoints. Readers can sign up for a free digital subscription at