European American Armory Corporation - EAA Corp

Girsan MC1911S XLV Commander

Girsan MC1911S XLV Commander

Davidson’s has teamed up with Girsan, imported by European American Armory, to develop the Girsan MC1911S XLV Commander offering.

Girsan MC1911 Noel

EAA Corp. Newest Competition Handgun

EAA Corp., importers of select quality and affordable handguns, rifles, and shotguns, introduces their latest competition handgun, the Girsan MC1911 Noel.

January GUNS Magazine

Robar PolymAR-15 in Guns Magazine

ROBAR’s PolymAR-15 Exorcises Weight-Creep Demon In January GUNS Magazine ( – ROBAR’s “light-’n’-lethal,” 5.56 polymer gets the AR-style rifle back … Read more