Girsan MC1911S XLV Commander

Girsan MC1911S XLV Commander

Davidson’s has teamed up with Girsan, imported by European American Armory, to develop the Girsan MC1911S XLV Commander offering.

Davidsons Engraved Glock 43 - DAV-12402

Engraved Glock 43

The Davidson’s Exclusive Engraved Glock 43 features vine and scroll engraving on the slide. All engraving was performed by Altamont Company.

HoloSun HM3X Magnifier

Holosun Introduces New HM3X Magnifier

Holosun announces the release of their 3 power Flip-to-the-Side Magnifier, the Holosun HM3X. This new product debuted to the public at the NSSF SHOT Show.