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Aug 25

Thyrm CLENS Now Comes in Three Sizes

Sunnyvale, CA — (ArmsVault.com) – In September 2017, THYRM introduced the CLENS, a revolutionary lens cover for weapon lights. First available in a variety pack to fit many models of lights, consumers requested the ability to order only specific sizes. In response, THYRM now sells the CLENS in three sizes in addition to a variety …

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Oct 02

Thyrm Introduces CLENS Weapon Light Lens Protection

Thyrm® Introduces the CLENS Sunnyvale, CA — (ArmsVault.com) – Lights perform best when their lenses are clean. CLENS provides an easy way to protect lenses during extended shooting sessions.  Like goggle tear-offs for off-road racing, just remove the dirty CLENS to return a light to its optimal brightness. CLENS is a heat-resistant, clear polymer circle. …

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