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Oct 15

Birchwood Casey Shooting Range Targets

I just received a shipment of Birchwood Casey shooting range targets, including targets from their Shoot-N-C and Dirty Bird lines. You’ll be seeing a lot of these targets in our upcoming shooting range recaps and reviews. In the meantime, be sure to visit the Birchwood Casey site and check out their entire selection of targets and shooting …

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Jul 31

VPS-15 Rifle on USGMC Magnetic Work Mat

A photo of the VPS-15 rifle resting comfortably on a USGMC Magnetic Work Mat. The VPS-15 is currently wearing a Samson 3.5x Magnifier, Aimpoint PRO, and Armaspec Rhino R-23 Tactical Magwell Grip and Funnel. Image Notes: Kavod Custom VPS-15 Rifle  UTG PRO Rail Samson 3.5x Magifier with RAM Mount Aimpoint PRO Armaspec Rhino R-23 Tactical Magwell Grip …

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Mar 21

VPS-15 Rifle with Magpul Accessories

As mentioned in an earlier post, my wife recently received her Vidalia Police Supply VPS-15. Although the rifle was great in its original format, the purpose of the rifle is to give my wife a platform for testing various AR products. She decided to begin with some Magpul accessories. Fashion Note: Why did she choose the …

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Mar 13

VPS-15 with Magpul Accessories Pre-Install

As mentioned in an earlier post, my wife recently received her Vidalia Police Supply VPS-15. This rifle is going to be her platform for testing various AR-15 accessories. I can assure you, she wasted no time in picking out her first round of accessories! As you can see, we have already received some Magpul accessories …

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Mar 11

Vidalia Police Supply VPS-15 First Look

My lovely wife has always been willing to help out around the ArmsVault office. But over the last several months, she has become much more interested in product testing and reviews. So, she recently made the decision that it was time for her to have her own AR-15 rifle. Aside from the obvious reasons for …

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