VPS-15 Rifle with Magpul Accessories

As mentioned in an earlier post, my wife recently received her Vidalia Police Supply VPS-15. Although the rifle was great in its original format, the purpose of the rifle is to give my wife a platform for testing various AR products. She decided to begin with some Magpul accessories.

Fashion Note: Why did she choose the gray Magpul accessories?… To match the walls in the ArmsVault office, of course!

VPS-15 with Magpul Accessories
VPS-15 with Magpul Accessories

Magpul Accessories Installed:

Discount Alert:

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So, how is my wife liking the new accessories. Well, she loves how they look and feel. With one exception, weight! She is beginning to learn how the weight of your rifle can creep up on you. When we received the rifle from Vidalia Police Supply it weighed in at 5.93 lbs. After the updates, it is up to 6.52 lbs. While that is certainly not heavy for an AR, she can definitely tell a difference. Needless to say, she has become much more aware of the impact various accessories can have on a rifle.

What’s next as far as accessorizing the rifle? We are still working on getting a red dot. I think she has her heart set on an Aimpoint T-2. We will keep you posted.

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