PS Turkey Hunter

Escort’s New PS Turkey Hunter

Escort introduces the New PS Turkey Hunter. The PS Turkey Hunter is available in 12-GA, 20-GA, and .410-Cal and is tailored with the turkey shooter in mind.

BTS Bullpup Shotgun

New Escort BTS Bullpup Shotgun

The New Escort Versatile Tactical Shotgun lineup is the BTS bullpup. Available in either 12 ga or .410 cal, and is offered in either black or FDE Cerakote.

The Harpoon

Hatsan Announces The Harpoon

Hatsan is breaking into the world of pneumatic arrow guns with its latest pre-charged pneumatic, 600 FPS Arrow Rifle: The Harpoon.

Escort Dynamax Semi-Auto Shotgun

Escort Dynamax Semi-Auto Shotgun

The Escort Dynamax semi-auto shotgun combines the best features from each of the two traditional cycling operating systems, gas and kinetic.

Escort DF12 Shotgun

Escort DF12 Shotgun

The Escort DF12 shotgun runs on a gas-powered system, similar to those found in traditional autoloading shotguns, but without the added bulk of a tube below the barrel.