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Mar 06

Gun-Guides Owner’s Manuals for Glock, Ruger MKIII, Ruger 10/22, Browning Buck Mark

TANDEMKROSS has expanded their product line by introducing new products for competitive shooters and recreational plinkers alike. Among the new products available on TANDEMKROSS are: Gun-Guides® owner’s manuals for Glock®, Ruger® MKIII, Ruger® 10/22 and Browning Buck Mark RamRodz® Cleaning and Gun Care Products FrogLube® CLP cleaners and gun lubricants Molecular Advantage® Synthetic gun oils …

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Jul 24

MidwayUSA Now Offers RamRodz Gun Cleaning Accessories

MidwayUSA Now Offering RamRodz (ArmsVault.com) – MidwayUSA is pleased to announce RamRodz as one of the newest additions to their Shooting Gear product offering. RamRodz, a division of Innovative Products of America, is dedicated to creating first time, unique and innovative firearm accessories like their Cotton Gun Cleaning Swabs which are now available at MidwayUSA. …

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