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May 28

Top Notch Top Ends Upper Lead Time

Darien, WI – Top Notch Top Ends has just released their current upper lead time schedule. YHM Uppers Approximately 6-12 weeks. TNTE Semi Custom Uppers New (2014) orders are going out in approximately 15-30 days. All (Dec) 2012 backorders of 5.56 uppers are expected to be done in the next 5-30 days. 2013 orders are complete. …

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Mar 25

Top Notch Top Ends Announces Updated List of AR-15 Rifle Services

Darien, WI – In addition to barrel assemblies, Top Notch Top Ends performs a large variety of AR-15 rifle services. They have just released their updated list of AR services and pricing. TNTE AR-15 Rifle Services: AR-15 Upper Assembly: $125 Includes assembly and test fire AR-15 Upper Reliability Package: $110 Upgrades include: Wolf + Extractor …

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