Top Notch Top Ends Announces Updated List of AR-15 Rifle Services

Top Notch Top Ends

Darien, WI – In addition to barrel assemblies, Top Notch Top Ends performs a large variety of AR-15 rifle services. They have just released their updated list of AR services and pricing.

TNTE AR-15 Rifle Services:

AR-15 Upper Assembly: $125

  • Includes assembly and test fire

AR-15 Upper Reliability Package: $110

  • Upgrades include:
    • Wolf + Extractor Spring
    • D-ring D-fender under extractor
    • High Polish Chamber and Feed ramps
    • Barrel Nut checked torqued to 60 lbs. +/-
    • Gas rings timed and adjusted for proper seal
    • BCG checked for proper function

Chamber and Feedramp Polish: $55

Front Sight Base Pinning: $60

  • Includes cap, FSB, and barrel nut
  • We can do carbine, mid, and rifle gas systems

Barrel Pin and Weld: $75 – $100

  • Varies by Flash Hider
    • Standard Hardness: $74
    • High Hardness (DD, Troy, Smith Enterprises): $100

Receiver and Barrel Lapping: $75

For more information on AR-15 rifle services offered at Top Notch Top Ends, visit

About TNTE

Top Notch Top Ends is Firefighter and family operated. We have been open for civilian sales since 2010. All TNTE uppers are custom built using exacting tolerances by highly trained armorers. Your receiver and barrel are torqued to a spec of 55-65 +/- for best accuracy. Then your feed ramps and chamber are polished and de-burred. All uppers are checked for proper head-spacing and test fired to ensure reliability. Beware of sellers who refuse to tell you where their parts come from because all uppers are not created equal. We use only Milspec or higher quality parts for your upper. TNTE uppers are built with professionals in mind, we go through them with a fine tooth comb to make sure when you need it most it will be there for you. Feel free to contact us for quotes and to inquire about our Military, Law enforcement, and FD discounts. Our custom uppers are covered by a one year warranty. For more information visit