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May 26

Laser Boresighters

Lyman Laser Boresighters are a convenient and accurate way to sight in your rifles. The caliber specific boresighters are available for 223, 30-06, and 308.

May 11

Lyman Acquires Mark 7 Reloading

Mark 7 Reloading is now a Lyman brand and a part of the Lyman family, which includes Pachmayr, TacStar, A-Zoom, Trius, and Butch’s.

Apr 14

Pachmayr Revolver Speedloaders for S&W N Frame

Pachmayr’s revolver Speedloaders are now available for the S&W N Frame. Unlike competitive models which are made of plastic, Pachmayr’s Speedloaders are precision CNC machined from solid aluminum.

Apr 13

Lyman Case Prep Xpress and Case Trim Xpress

The Case Prep Xpress and Case Trim Xpress offer rifle reloaders the ultimate case prep experience when prepping and trimming cases.

Apr 06

Pachmayr Alume 1911 Grips by Raffir

Lyman Products introduces Pachmayr Alume 1911 Grips by Raffir. Pachmayr Alume grips are the ultimate bling for your treasured 1911 pistol.

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