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D&D Guns

  • Class III dealer, machineguns, suppressors, AOWs, destructive devices, SBRs, handguns, rifles, gun parts.

D&D Sales

  • UZI parts, UZI accessories.

D&L Shooting Supplies

  • Firearms, gun accessories, shooting supplies.

D&L Sports

  • Custom 1911 pistols, AR-15 carbines, precision rifles, gun accessories.

D.M. Bullard Leather Mfg

  • Concealment holsters, cowboy holsters.

DAC Technologies

  • Gun cleaning kits, gun cleaning accessories, gun locks, gun safes.


  • Airguns, airgun accessories.

Dakota Arms

  • Fine rifles, shotguns, cartridges.

Dale’s Guns

  • Firearms, gunsmithing.

Dallas Arms Collectors Association

  • Firearm collecting organization, Second Amendment supporters.

Dallas Guns

  • Firearms, firearm accessories.

Dallas Shooting Supplies

  • Gun accessories, tactical accessories, gun optics.

Daltech Force

  • A producer of premium USA made gun belts, holsters, holster shirts, and other CCW items.

Damage Industries

  • Parts and accessories for AR15, AK, M14 and more.

Damascus Protective Gear

  • Tactical gear, tactical gloves.

Danger Close Armament

  • Specializes in custom grip work and gunsmithing.

Daniel Defense

  • AR15 parts, gas blocks, AR-15 light mounts, AR-15 rail systems, AR-15 sling mounts, AR-15 tools, AR-15 upper receivers.

Dan’s Sporting Goods

  • Firearms, ammunition, gun accessories.

Dark Horse Arms

  • Manufacturer of firearm suppressors, fully suppressed rifles and fully suppressed pistols.

Darnall’s Gun Works and Range

  • Shooting range located in Bloomington, IL.

Dave’s Guns

  • Firearms, gun accessories.

David Andro

  • Tactical artwork.

David Condon Firearms

  • Antique firearms.

David Rachwal’s Handguns of the World

  • Modern handguns, antique handguns, handgun accessories.

David Spiwak

  • Machineguns.

David Wade Harris Firearms Engraving

  • Firearm engraving.

Davide Pedersoli

  • Muzzleloading replicas, cartridge replica firearms.

David’s Collectibles

  • Firearms, tactical gear, rifle accessories, firearm optics, AK parts, SKS parts, AR accessories.

Dawson Customs

  • Gun refinishing, DuraCoat products.

Dawson Precision

  • Gun accessories, gun parts, AR-15 accessories, reloading supplies, gun grips, gun magazines.


  • Air rifles.

Dayton Traister

  • Black powder rifles, Ruger replacement triggers, Springfield replacement triggers, Mauser replacement triggers, Enfield replacement triggers, firearms.

DD’s Ranch

  • Firearms, gun accessories, ammunition, reloading supplies, gun optics.

Dean Security Safe

  • Gun safes.

Dean’s Gun Restorations

  • Gun refinishing, custom M1 rifles, gun accessories.

Decal Grip

  • Handgun Decal Grips.

Decot Hy-Wyd Sport Glasses

  • Shooting glasses.

Deep Conceal

  • Concealed carry holsters, concealed carry clothing.


  • Tactical gloves, tactical clothing, tactical gear.

Defense Associates

  • Firearms training.

Defense Training International

  • Defensive weapons training.

Defensive Creations

  • 1911 gunsmithing, FN/FAL gunsmithing, AK47 gunsmithing, AK74 gunsmithing, AR15 gunsmithing, shotgun gunsmithing.

Defensive Edge SLR15 Rifles

  • Weapons training, AR-15 rifles, tactical gear.

Defensive Solutions

  • Firearms training.

DeGroat Tactical Armaments

  • 7.62mm miniguns, artillery, flamethrowers, machineguns, suppressors.

DeHaan Shotguns

  • Handcrafted shotguns.

Del Fatti Leather

  • Concealment holsters.

DeLaRosa Tactical Holsters

  • Manufacturer of custom Kydex holsters for handguns.

Delray Shooting Center

  • Shooting range located in Delray Beach, FL.

Delta Force

  • 10/22 accessories, shotgun ammunition, airsoft pistols, handgun grips, AR15 accessories, gun holsters, tactical gear, Glock parts, handgun magazines, rifle parts, gun optics.

Delta Press

  • Gun manuals, military manuals, tactical manuals.


  • AR-15 parts, AR-15 accessories, AR-15 rifles.


  • Gunsmithing tools.

Demon Tactical

  • Firearms, ammunition, shooting sports accessories, bipods, quick-pins, Mil-Locks and muzzle brakes.

Denver Instrument

  • Reloading scales.

DeSantis Holster & Leather Goods

  • Gun leather, nylon and kydex holsters, accessories and belts.

Desert Tactical Arms

  • Precision rifles, precision rifle accessories.

Desperado Cowboy Bullets

  • Lead bullets for Cowboy Action and Black Powder shooting.

Detonics Defense Technologies

  • Manufacturer of precision handguns.

Deuce 45’s, Inc

  • Specialized military ammunition and projectiles.

Devil Dog Arms

  • Precision firearms manufacturer, specializing in the AR style rifle.

Devtron Scopecoat

  • Gun optic covers, spotting scope covers, gun barrel covers.


  • Ballistics software.

DFW Arms

  • German WWII guns.

Diamondback Firearms

  • Compact automatic pistols.

Diamondback Tactical

  • Tactical gear, weapon accessories.


  • Manufacturer and distributor of advanced combat accessories for the tactical weapons industry.


  • Break barrel air rifles, fixed barrel air rifles, pistols.

Dick Kramer Studios

  • Tactical artwork.

Dickson & MacNaughton

  • Fine sporting shotguns.

Digital Reloader

  • Reloading software.

Dillon Precision

  • Reloading supplies, reloading equipment.

Direct Action Resource Center

  • Tactical urban training.

Dirty Bore Custom

  • Ruger 10/22 parts, Ruger 10/22 accessories.

Discount Gun Mart & Indoor Range

  • Indoor shooting range located in San Diego, CA.

Discount Gun Sales

  • Handguns, long guns, suppressors, gun optics, gun accessories.

Display Solutions of Topeka

  • Custom security gun cases.

Dixie Deer Classic

  • Gun show located in Raleigh, NC.

Dixie Gun & Knife Show

  • Gun shows in the Carolinas.

Dixie Gun Works

  • Black powder guns, antique gun parts, shooting supplies.

Dixie Slugs

  • Full bore ammunition for shotguns.

DK Mags

  • Rifle magazines, pistol magazines.

Dlask Arms

  • Gun accessories, pistols, rifles, shotguns.

DM Premium Firearms

  • Firearms, gun accessories, gun stocks, gun magazines, gun optics.

DNR Sports

  • Muzzleloading accessories, muzzleloaders, ammunition, gun accessories, firearms, reloading supplies, gun optics.

DNZ Products

  • Scope mounts.


  • Manufacturer of FBI and NATO Certified ballistics gel & ballistic gel targets, as well as a provider of Cerakote coating service.

Dodd and Associates Training

  • Firearms training.


  • Shooting bags.

Dolf Goldsmith Gun Books

  • Gun books, military gun books.

Don Hume Leathergoods

  • Gun holsters, shoulder rigs, magazine holders, duty gear.

Don Schofield Guns

  • Guns, gun accessories.

Donatto’s Firearm Systems

  • Gun cleaning products.

Don’s Guns

  • Guns, machine guns, gun accessories.

Double Duty Police Supply

  • Duty holsters, duty belts, tactical holsters, tactical clothing, ankle holsters, concealment clothing, gun parts, gun accessories.

DoubleStar Corp

  • AR-15 rifles.

Down South Ammo

  • Exploding targets.

Downrange Manufacturing

  • Shotgun wads.

DPH Arms

  • AK-47 parts, AK-47 accessories.

DPM Systems Technologies

  • Firearm recoil reduction systems.

DPMS Panther Arms

  • AR-15 rifles, AR-15 parts, AR-15 accessories.

Dragon Holsters

  • Leather and Kydex concealment holsters.

Dragon Leatherworks

  • Custom leather holsters.

DRD Tactical

  • Specializes in the design and manufacture of patented take down brief case rifles in 338 Lapua, 5.56Nato, 7.62Nato and 300BLK.

Drowning Ink Customs

  • Custom firearm finishing and gun sales. Hydrographic printing and DuraCoat finishing.


  • Indoor shotgun shooting simulators.


  • AK parts, AK accessories, UZI parts, UZI accessories, firearm optics, FAL accessories, AR15 parts, AR15 accessories, pistol accessories.

DSG Arms

  • Gun accessories, tactical gear, tactical weapon accessories.

DSP Armory

  • A producer of Modern Sporting Rifles (MSR) and Modern Hunting Rifles (MHR).

DTB’s Ballistics Testing

  • Ballistics testing facility with 100m indoor shooting range in Bohemia, Long Island NY.

Dueck Defense

  • Off-set sight system for L/E, military and competition shooting.

Duffys Guns

  • Antique firearms, Class III weapons, Class III parts, Class III accessories, collectable military firearms.

Dummies Unlimited

  • Simulated human figure targets for firearm training.

Duncan Gun Shop

  • Guns, Class III firearms, silencers.

Durango Leather

  • Western gunleather, concealment holsters, gun belts.

Dury’s Gun Shop

  • New and used guns, gun accessories and gun repair.

Duty Gear Store

  • Tactical gear, police gear, holsters, shooting supplies.