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B Jones Sights

  • Prescription lenses for front & rear sights and sight accessories for target rifles.

B&B Enterprise

  • Optic mounts for Glock pistols.

B&T Industries

  • Rifle monopods.

B~T Guide Rods

  • Stainless guide rods, Steyr accessories.

Backwoods Guns

  • New guns, used guns, rifle mags, pistol mags.

Badger Custom Grips

  • Custom pistol grips.

Badger Ordnance

  • Tactical scope rings, scoup mounts, AR15/M16 accessories, rifle accessories.

Badlands Tactical

  • Tactical training facility in Grandfield, OK.

Bag Depot

  • Shooting bags, rifle cases, pistol cases, shotgun cases.

Ballistic Products

  • Shotgun supplies, shotshell reloading supplies, shotgun ammunition.

Ballistic Specialties

  • Shotguns, shotgun parts, shotgun accessories, shotgun work.

Ballistic Supply

  • Precision ammunition.

Ballistic Technologies

  • Sniper gear, sniper accessories, sniper tools.

Ballistics 101

  • Ballistics charts, ammunition information.

Ballisticard Systems

  • Ballistics reference charts.


  • Gun lubricants, gun cleaning products.


  • Rifle slings, trap shooting accessories.

Bandit Shooting Supplies

  • Wax bullets, reloading supplies.

Barami Hip Grip

  • Concealed carry pistol grips.

Barnes Bullets

  • Rifle bullets, pistol bullets, muzzleloader bullets.

Barnes Precision Machine

  • Manufacturer of AR parts and complete AR rifles.

Barrage Barrel

  • Barrel adapters for paintball markers.

Barrett Firearms

  • 50 caliber rifles, rifle optics, rifle training.


  • Riflescopes, spotting scopes, gun optics.


  • Pistol barrels, gun accessories, gunsmithing.

Bartlein Barrels

  • Precision rifle barrels.

Bartlett Reloaders

  • Government surplus reloading components.

BAT Industries

  • Pistol work stands.

BAT Machine

  • Precision rifle actions, gun stocks, rifle accessories.

Battenfeld Technologies

  • Shooting rests, 10/22 rifle barrels, shooting targets, gunstocks, recoil shields, shooting gloves, gun cleaning supplies.

Battle Arms Development

  • Accessories for the M14, AR15/M16 and Remington bolt gun platforms.

Battle Comp

  • Tactical compensators.

Battle Rifle Company

  • Manufacturer of custom AR style rifles.

BC Armory

  • Custom pistolsmith, 1911 pistol work, Smith & Wesson revolvers work, Glock pistol work.


  • British weapons, sporting firearms, military firearms.

BDS Tactical Gear

  • Nylon tactical gear, nylon gun holsters.

Be Safe Gun Training

  • Firearms training in the Southern California area.


  • Laser marksmanship training systems.


  • Laser sights, tactical lights.

Bear Basin Outfitters

  • Rifle scopes, range finders, night vision.

Bear Creek Arsenal – BCA

  • Manufacturer of AR-15 rifles.

Bear Metal Clean

  • Gun cleaning supplies, gun cleaning swabs.

Bear On A Rock

  • Guns, gun parts, gun accessories, reloading supplies.

Beartooth Bullets

  • Hand cast bullets.

Beckley Gun Club

  • Gun club and shooting range located in Beckley, West Virginia.


  • Collector’s guns, modern guns, pre-owned guns, muzzleloader rifles, gun accessories.

Bedrock Industries

  • Custom left hand rifles.

Bell and Carlson

  • Synthetic gun stocks.

Bell Charter Oak Custom Holsters

  • Gun holsters, gun leather.

Belleville Indoor Shooting Range

  • Indoor shooting range in Belleville, IL.


  • Customizing of T/C Contender and Encore Firearms.

Benchrest Central

  • Benchrest shooting information.


  • Benchrest shooting information.


  • Hunting shotguns, tactical shotguns, left handed shotguns, pump shotguns, slug guns.


  • Over and under shotguns, side by side shotguns, semi automatic shotguns, competition shotguns, rifles, pistols.

Beretta Web

  • Beretta gun information.

Bergara USA

  • Manufacturer of rifle barrels and rifles for hunters, target shooters and professionals.

Berger Bullets

  • Bullet jackets, target bullets, long range bullets, hunting bullets, big game bullets.

Berish Gun Shop

  • Gunsmithing, rifle restoration.


  • Semi automatic pistols, revolvers, shotguns.

Berry’s Manufacturing

  • Bullets, reloading accessories, ammo boxes.

Best Defense

  • Firearm accessories, Glock accessories, tactical equipment, police supplies.

Best Gun Vise

  • Gun vise buying guide.


  • Gun holster review blog.

Beta Company

  • C-Mag high capacity magazines.

Beyer Barrels

  • Custom rifle barrels.

BG Gunworks

  • Manufacturer of Kydex holsters and mag carriers.


  • Concealment holsters, duty gear.

Big Boy Gun Toys

  • Shooting accessories, gun accessories.

Big Buck Enterprises

  • Pistol grips.

Big Reno Show

  • Gun show located in Reno, NV.

Big River Tactical

  • Rifle scopes, rifle accessories, sniper supplies, gun accessories, shooting supplies.

Big Show Journal

  • Gun show calendar, shooting event calendar.

Big Sky Guns

  • Handguns, military style rifles, sporting rifles, shotguns, rifle magazines, pistol magazines, gun accessories.

Big Sky Racks

  • Vehicle gun mounts, vehicle gun racks.

Big State Distributors

  • High capacity magazines, pistol grips, tactical lights, gun holsters.

Big Woods Goods

  • Shooting accessories, paper targets, gun accessories, gun holsters.

Bigger Hammer

  • Machinegun information.

Bill Goodman’s Gun & Knife Shows

  • Tennessee gun shows, Ohio gun shows.

Bill Shipman

  • Contemporary longrifles.

Bill’s Accuracy Shop

  • Precision gunsmithing, custom rifles.

Birchwood Casey

  • Gun care products, shooting targets.

Birdseye Trading Post

  • Gunsmithing, custom rifles.

BKL Technologies

  • High performance scope mounts.

Black Dog Concealment

  • Manufacturer of custom Kydex holsters and mag carriers.

Black Gun Stuff

  • Assault weapon accessories, tactical gear.

Black Hart Long Arms

  • Black powder flintlocks, Kentucky longrifles, pistols, muskets, fowlers.

Black Hills Ammunition

  • Cowboy ammunition, new ammunition, remanufactured ammunition.

Black Hills Shooters Supply

  • Pistol bullets, rifle bullets, pistol brass, rifle brass, ammunition, reloading components.

Black Hole Weaponry

  • Custom barrel manufacturing and laser engraving for the AR 15 platform.

Black Market Parts

  • HK parts.

Black Rain Ordnance

  • AR-15 components.

Black Rifle Works

  • AR-15 parts and accessories.

Black Weapons Armory

  • AR-15 rifle parts, AR-15 rifle accessories.

Black Widow Armament

  • Receiver end plates for AR15/M16 rifles.

Blackhawk Products

  • Tactical gear, tactical gun accessories.

Blackheart International

  • Tactical gear, tactical gun accessories.

Blackjack Buffers

  • Recoil buffers, gun sights, muzzle brakes, gun accessories.

Blackstone Tactical

  • Tactical gear, tactical bags, range bags, weapon cases.

Blac-Rac Manufacturing

  • Tactical weapons rack, weapon storage systems.


  • Holsters, tactical gear, tactical knives.


  • Blank firing guns, blank firing western guns, blank firing civil war guns, blank firing WWII guns, blank firing automatic weapons.


  • Rifles, combination guns, shotguns, precision rifles.

Blitzkrieg Components

  • Developer of innovative products for the firearms industry, specializing in the AR-15 platform.

Bloomfield Press

  • Gun law books, gun books.

Blue Book Publications

  • Gun pricing information, gun books.

Blue Force Gear

  • AR15 parts, Keltec parts, weapon slings.

Blue Line Gear

  • Tactical gear, weapon accessories, night vision, gun sights.

Blue Rhino Targets

  • Reactive steel shooting targets.

Blue Ridge Arsenal

  • Shooting range in northern Virginia.

Blue Ridge Firearms

  • Hunting and shooting products, including guns, ammunition, shooting equipment and more.

Blue River Ammo

  • Remanufactured ammunition and reloading supplies.

Blue Wonder

  • Gun care products.

Bluegrass Stock Company

  • Manufacturer of custom rifle stocks.

Bob Allen

  • Shooting vests, shooting jackets, shooting shirts, shooting gloves, gun cases, shooting bags, shooting accessories.

Bob Marvel Custom Guns

  • Custom 1911 pistols.

Bob Schultz Target Shotguns

  • Trap shooting equipment, shotguns, shotgun accessories.

Bobcat Steel

  • Steel targets, reactive targets.

Boberg Arms

  • Semi-automatic pocket pistols.

Bobro Engineering

  • Rifle bipods, forward grips, optic mounts.

Bob’s Gun Parts

  • Gun parts, gun accessories, gun stocks.

Boderman’s Sports

  • Guns, AR-15 parts, gun optics, gun accessories.

Body Armor News

  • Body armor information.


  • Shooting sticks.


  • Ammunition, brass, bullets, gun bags, gun accessories.

Bond Arms

  • Derringers, Derringer accessories.

Bone Creek Sport & Gun Club

  • Shooting range located in Pittsburg, KS.

Book Trail

  • Gun books.

Boomer Gear

  • Hunting and shooting gear.


  • Precision shooting event with explosive targets.

Boonie Packer

  • AR-15 / M-16 speed loaders, rifle slings.

Borden Rifles

  • Precision hunting rifles, varmint rifles, competition rifles, benchrest rifles, benchrest stocks.

Border Barrels

  • Rifle barrels, custom rifles, drag bags.


  • SASS Arizona State Cowboy Action Shooting Championship.

Bore Tech

  • Gun care products.


  • Gun storage cases.

Boses Guns

  • Gun accessories, ammunition, gun cleaning supplies, gunsmithing supplies, reloading supplies.

Boss & Co

  • Side by side shotguns, over and under shotguns.

Botach Tactical

  • Tactical gear, weapon accessories.

Bowen Classic Arms Corporation

  • Custom revolvers, custom pistols, gun repair.

Bowers Tactical

  • Tactical gear, weapon parts.

Bowie Tactical Concepts

  • Custom handguns, polymer frame handguns.

Boyt Harness Company

  • Gun cases, shooting bags, shooting pouches.

Brass City Munitions

  • Manufacturer of rifle and pistol ammunition.

Brass Magnet

  • Brass collection nets, brass catchers.

Bravo Company USA

  • AR15 parts, AR15 accessories, tactical gear.

Brazos Custom Gunworks

  • Custom 1911 pistols, 1911 parts.

Brenneke USA

  • Shotgun slugs.

Brian Enos

  • Competition pistol shooting books, reloading supplies.

Brian Powley Engravers

  • Gun engraving.

Brigade GunLeather

  • Gun holsters, western holsters, law enforcement holsters.

Brigade Quartermasters

  • Tactical gear, tactical clothing, weapon accessories.

Bright Sights

  • High visibility gun sight coatings.

Brignoli Silvio

  • Guns, gun parts, gun accessories.


  • Shotguns, rifles, handguns, traps.

Brilliant Backstraps

  • Colorful backstraps for handguns.

British Association for Shooting and Conservation – BASC

  • Shooting information.

Brockman’s Rifles

  • Hunting rifles, lever action rifles, bolt action rifles.

Brooks Moulds

  • Bullet moulds.

Brooks Tactical Systems

  • Tactical handgun grips.

Brown Precision

  • Custom rifles, precision rifles, varmint rifles, hunting rifles, rifle stocks.


  • Gun accessories, gunsmithing tools, gun parts.


  • Shotguns, rifles, pistols.

BRP Corporation

  • Machineguns, machinegun parts, machinegun accessories.

Bruce N. Canfield

  • Books about post Civil War U.S. Military Weapons.

Brugger & Thomet

  • Submachine guns, sound suppressors, tactical handguards, mounting systems, tactical accessories.

Bruno Shooters Supply

  • Shooting supplies, gun accessories.

Bryant Custom Precision Riflesmithing

  • Benchrest rifles, custom hunting rifles, riflesmithing.

Bryce M Towsley

  • Gun books, shooting books.

BSA Optics

  • Rifle scopes, pistol scopes, tactical scopes.


  • Scope mounts, airguns, gun accessories.

Buckeye Firearms Association

  • Second Amendment supporters.

Buds Gun Shop

  • Firearm accessories, ammunition, gun safes, handguns, rifles, shotguns, gun optics.

Buffalo Arms

  • Cowboy firearms, cowboy action shooting supplies.

Buffalo Bore Ammunition

  • Big bore ammunition.

Buffalo Brothers Cowboy Store

  • Cowboy action shooting supplies.

Buffer Technologies

  • Recoil buffers, gun accessories.


  • Semi automatic pistols.

Bulk Ammo

  • Specializing in bulk ammo. Handgun ammo, rimfire ammo, rifle ammo, shotgun ammo.

Bull Run Arms

  • Ammunition, shooting supplies.

Bullberry Barrel Works

  • Custom T/C Contender stocks, custom T/C Encore stocks, custom rifles, custom pistols, custom rifle barrels, custom pistol barrels.

Bulldog Custom Gun Leather

  • Custom leather IWB holsters, OWB holsters, pocket holsters.

Bullet Hole

  • Shooting range located near San Antonio, TX.

Bullet Tipping

  • Precision reloading equipment, bullet tipping die, meplat trimmers, concentricity gauges.

BulletProofME Body Armor

  • Tactical body armor, ballistic clothing, tactical ballistic shields.

Bullock’s Guns n More

  • Guns, gun safes.

Bullpup Gun Stocks

  • Bullpup rifle stocks.

Bulls Bag

  • Shooting rests, shooting bags.

Bulls Eye Marksman

  • Gun accessories, reloading supplies, ammunition.

Bulls-Eye Indoor Range & Gun Shop

  • Indoor shooting range located in Lawrenceville, GA.

Bullseye Pistol

  • Pistol shooting information.

Bullseye Sporting Arms

  • Fine shotguns, rifles, pistols.


  • Gun racks, shooting rests.


  • Optical boosters for rifle scopes and handgun scopes.

Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives – ATF

  • Federal firearm regulations.

Burns Custom Pistols

  • 1911 pistol gunsmithing.

Burris Optics

  • Rifle scopes, gun sights.

Burwell Gunsmithing

  • Gunsmith specializing in Smith & Wesson M&P pistols.

Bush Rag

  • Camouflage systems, ghillie suits.

Bushmaster Firearms

  • AR rifles, AR pistols, AR parts, AR accessories.


  • Rifle scopes, night vision.

Business End Customs

  • Custom Glock, M&P, and 1911 work. Specializing in Cerakote firearm finishes.


  • Gun safes.

BWE Firearms

  • Custom gunsmithing specializing in Class 3 weapons.