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Feb 07

Aimpoint PRO Battery Life and DL1/3N Replacement

The Aimpoint PRO is known for being a durable red dot sight with great battery life. According to Aimpoint, the battery (type 2L76 or DL1/3N) will last up to 3 years of continuous use with the optic set on setting 7 out of 10. So, how accurate is that expected battery life? About 3 weeks ago, …

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Jan 26

AR-15 Rifles with Winchester Match 223 Ammunition

I hope you’re all getting in some good range time. This is a look at how I spent the day… with a couple AR-15 rifles and some Winchester Match 223 Ammunition from our friends at Widener’s Reloading & Shooting Supply. Kavod Custom KVD-15 BET Specs: Caliber: .223Rem / 5.56mm Gas System – Carbine Stock: Magpul MOE Carbine …

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Dec 03

Underwood Ammunition 223 Remington 55 Grain Controlled Chaos Accuracy Test

During today’s range trip I was able to test my very first box of ammo from Underwood Ammunition. This particular 223 Remington 55gr ammo is loaded with the Controlled Chaos bullet from Lehigh Defense. Although today I was only testing the accuracy of the Underwood 223 Remington Controlled Chaos round, I should point out that a huge selling …

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Oct 14

Kavod Custom VPS-15 on CTK Precision Shooting Rest

Living in the South, I’ve learned to despise pine needles. But I must admit, they make a great backdrop for this shot of the Kavod Custom VPS-15 on the CTK Precision Shooting Rest. Additions to this rifle include the ArmaDynamics ADF-MKII Charging Handle, Aimpoint PRO, and Magpul furniture.  

Jul 21

Walker’s Razor-X Electronic Hearing Protection

For years, I’ve used the same hearing protection at the shooting range. While they work well, there is no escaping the inherent disadvantages of earmuffs… they can be hot, and can sometimes interfere with getting a good cheek weld on your rifle. Today I received a newly released product that may be a significant upgrade to my hearing …

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