Kavod KVD-10 7.62/308 Rifle Available for Pre-Order

Kavod Custom

Exciting news from our friends at Kavod Custom… They are now accepting pre-orders for their new custom built KVD-10 7.62/308 rifle. Expected delivery is in April. All advanced orders will receive a complementary soft case range bag.

Kavod KVD-15
Kavod KVD-15

Kavod KVD-10:

  • Kavod makes the KVD-10 series to be customizable based on your preferences.
  • All Kavod rifles are built with a common set of core parts:
  • Nickle-Boron (NiB) Coated Bolt Carrier Group
  • Bravo Company Enhanced Mod3 Charging Handle sized for 7.62mm
  • Free-float Aluminum Handguard
  • Stainless Steel barrels, 7.62mm (Compatible with .308 Winchester). Other calibers available for special order.
  • Fully Shrouded Gas System
  • 2 Magpul 20-round Pmags
  • More Info: Kavod Custom