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Aug 13

Cimarron Firearms Shooter Clayton Marxer on Living the American Dream

Cimarron Firearms’ Sponsored Shooter Clayton Marxer on Living the American Dream Widely known as video blogger “Adventure Cowboy,” Marxer combines his love of classic Western guns and gear with adventures in the great outdoors. Fredericksburg, Texas (August 2018) – (ArmsVault.com) – Cimarron Firearms, like many companies producing firearms and related products, sponsors several individuals that …

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Jul 23

Cimarron Firearms Brings the Henry Repeating Rifle to Life

Cimarron Firearms Brings the Legend of the Henry Repeating Rifle to Life Cimarron’s 1860 Henry rifle, reproduced from an original Belonging to Aldo Uberti, would make Benjamin Tyler Henry proud! Fredericksburg, Texas (July 2018) – (ArmsVault.com) – One of the most iconic guns of the American West is the Henry Repeating rifle, a lever-action, breech-loading, …

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Mar 26

Cimarron Firearms Buffalo Bill Signature Series Frontier Revolver

Cimarron Pays Tribute to the Greatest Showman on Earth: Buffalo Bill The Buffalo Bill Signature Series Frontier revolver honors the legendary entertainer, buffalo hunter and Army Scout. Fredericksburg, Texas (March 2018) – (ArmsVault.com) – Cimarron Firearms honors William Frederick “Buffalo Bill” Cody with a Buffalo Bill Signature Series Frontier Model, in tribute of Bill’s original …

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Mar 14

Assault Weapons Ban of 2018 (HR 5087) – Buyer’s Guide

In an attempt to capitalize on tragedy, several anti-gun Democrats have introduced H.R. 5087, also known as the Assault Weapons Ban of 2018. This bill represents a gun ban that could strip law abiding Americans of the right to own most semi-automatic firearms! While the anti-Second Amendment supporters of this bill want to take away your …

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Feb 14

Cimarron Firearms 1847 Texas Ranger Walker 44 Black Powder Repeating Pistol

Sam Walker’s Walker by Cimarron Firearms Introducing Cimarron’s reproduction of Samuel Walker’s original .44, complete with Company markings and issue numbers. Celebrating the 200th anniversary of the Texas Rangers 1823 – 2023, Cimarron’s ‘Sam Walker’s Walker’ is true to the original models and the run of the original 1000 military marked Walkers issued to five …

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