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Jul 11

American Handgunner 40 Year Anniversary Issue

American Handgunner Celebrates 40th Year With Sept/Oct 2016 Issue (ArmsVault.com) – American Handgunner, the first publication devoted exclusively for handgun enthusiasts, turns 40 with the September/October 2016 issue. “Yup, this Sept/Oct 2016 issue … celebrates our 40th anniversary. That first issue, Sept. 1976, re-wrote the book on gun magazines and has spawned copycats galore over …

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May 18

FMG Online Editor Shares Gen 2 GLOCK 19 By Robar

FMG’s Online Editor Shares His Gen 2 GLOCK 19 By Robar (ArmsVault.com) – In the online “Exclusive: Photos of my Gen 2 GLOCK 19 by Robar,” Mark reveals the details of his Robar modified GLOCK, including close-up photos of all the awesome alterations.  Along with the engraving “Semper Vinco logo” — “always victorious” — he …

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Dec 16

GUNS Magazine – Extreme Personal Defense

How To Win The Fight For Your Life: GUNS 2016 Extreme Personal Defense (ArmsVault.com) – As Special Edition Editor Sammy Reese says, “a fight for your life is as extreme as it gets.” The 2016 GUNS Extreme Personal Defense Special Edition covers a range of topics, with firearms just touching the surface of personal defense …

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Nov 16

Robar PolymAR-15 in Guns Magazine

ROBAR’s PolymAR-15 Exorcises Weight-Creep Demon In January GUNS Magazine (ArmsVault.com) – ROBAR’s “light-’n’-lethal,” 5.56 polymer gets the AR-style rifle back to fighting weight in January GUNS Magazine, sporting it’s new slim, high-tech upper and lower. Contributing Editor Holt Bodinson reviews the PolymAR-15 to see how well ROBAR exorcised the “weight-creep demon,” bane of ARs. “Not …

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Sep 18

Glock 43 in GUNS Magazine

“Leaner, Meaner” GLOCK G43 Featured In The 2016 GUNS Magazine Special Edition” (ArmsVault.com) – FMG Publictions’ Contributing Editor Will Dabbs, MD takes on the “leaner, meaner” GLOCK 43 in the 2016 GUNS Magazine Special Edition — and explains why it’s one step closer to being the “perfect carry 9.” “The G43 is a nice, tiny …

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