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How To Win The Fight For Your Life: GUNS 2016 Extreme Personal Defense

( – As Special Edition Editor Sammy Reese says, “a fight for your life is as extreme as it gets.” The 2016 GUNS Extreme Personal Defense Special Edition covers a range of topics, with firearms just touching the surface of personal defense techniques. From solidifying the fundamentals of defense and sharpening training regimens to selecting the right handgun, the Extreme Personal Defense Special Edition provides readers with the necessary edge to prevail in life-threatening situations.

GUNS Magazine - Extreme Personal Defense

In the cover cover story, Contributing Editor Dick Williams reviews Robar’s commemorative “Serious Pistols” — a pair of Jeff Cooper-style 1911s made in honor of Jeff Cooper’s renowned defensive pistol doctrine.

“I’ll admit some of my 1911’s have components a few might consider more frivolous than serious,” Williams says, “but what’s wrong with a desire to stir envy in the hearts of your friends? Robar’s Jeff Cooper pistols are built to deliver 100 percent reliability when your life is on the line. The guns never once hiccupped on the range and provided uncompromising accuracy with serious defensive ammunition.”

Sammy Reese puts the Mossberg MVP Patrol 556 through its paces to see whether the bolt gun could stand up to his self-defense challenge.

“I would have no problem defending the homestead with this rifle,” Reese concluded. “It fed, fired extracted and ejected like a precision handmade rifle. At 50 yards I was in the 2-inch mark so I was good to go. I was able to keep the steel ringing at 100 and 200 with relative ease, but what impressed me was having the ability to hit the manhole cover at 300.”

In “The Woman’s Defensive Handgun” EJ Owens breaks down the process for finding the right self-defense handgun to meet the unique needs of women.

“Women face several challenges when it comes to concealed carry,” says Owens. “The most significant challenge is the simple fact, despite the growing number of women involved with defensive shooting, the concealed carry industry is still strongly dominated by men. The differences are found in clothing types, body shape issues, physical size and even strength. You need to know how — and when— these factors can make a difference in a woman’s ability to shoot a defensive handgun effectively.”

Other features in this Extreme Special Edition include a feature by Todd Burgreen on using the modern dagger for personal defense, an article by Robert Kolesar on the importance of building a training regime and improving trigger time as well as a piece by Special Editions Publisher Roy Huntington on staying safe while on the road.

North American Arms’ 4″ .22 Magnum Sidewinder is the keynote for the GUNS Extreme Personal Defense Gun Giveaway. The NAA single-action revolver is joined by Safeguard Armor’s Covert Carrier body armor system, Hogue Knives’ EX-01 folder, the Dark Energy 550A flashlight from SOG Specialty Knives & Tools and the Ultimate Survival Key Fob from Brite-Strike — a total value of $967.95. Readers can visit to enter online for free.

This GUNS Special Edition issue also includes the 2016 Buyer’s Guide. This 96-page, comprehensive catalog features hundreds of products ranging from all types of handguns and long guns, to knives, lights and lasers — making the Buyer’s Guide an invaluable resource for readers.

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