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The ArmsVault Shooting Range Recap section is an informal collection of posts about our time at the shooting range.

Apr 24

Windham SRC & Lehigh Defense 223 Rem Controlled Chaos

It was a beautiful weekend, and the perfect time for some more accuracy testing of the Windham SRC with Burris AR Riflescope. This time, the ammo of choice was Lehigh Defense .223 Rem 55gr Controlled Chaos. I’ve actually put some of this Lehigh Defense ammo through another AR-15 and was very impressed with the accuracy. So, what did the …

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Mar 19

First Range Trip with the TruGlo TRU-TEC Red Dot Sight

I recently mounted the TruGlo TRU-TEC Red Dot Sight on our Ruger 10/22 with FAB Defense UAS PRO R10/22 Stock. During my last trip to the range, I had a few minutes available to dedicate to zeroing the TruGlo. I chose to zero the TruGlo TRU-TEC at 50 yards, since this rifle is mainly used for short-range …

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Mar 17

Sighting In the Burris AR Riflescope

It was a beautiful day at the range for sighting in the Burris AR Riflescope! As I mentioned last week, I decided to pair up the 4.5-14x42mm Burris with the Windham SRC for some rifle and ammo accuracy testing. But I should also note, this is my very first experience with a Burris optic, so I’m very excited …

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Feb 27

Glock 42 with Sig 380 Auto Elite Performance FMJ

Just got in some more range time with the Glock 42. This slimline .380 pistol continues to impress! It is extremely soft shooting, especially when compared to some of the other subcompact 380 pistols on the market. And if you want a pistol that is very concealable, the G42 is one you need to check out! The …

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Feb 16

Glock 36 with Sig 45 Auto Elite Performance FMJ

For today’s range trip, I was on a mission… master the Glock 36 slimline pistol! Well, “master” might be a bit strong. But, I was definitely hoping for some improvement with my G36 accuracy. And I think I saw just that! During previous range trips with the G36, I have struggled with the positioning of the …

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