Shooting Range Recap


As you might guess, we log in a decent amount of time at the shooting range. Although a lot of that time is dedicated to product testing, some of it is us simply shooting for fun. Either way, a significant amount of our range time is never discussed on the ArmsVault site. Well, we’ve come to the realization that this makes absolutely no sense.  You know… given that this is a gun-related website. So, thanks to this flash of clear thinking, we have decided to launch the ArmsVault Shooting Range Recap section.

I’ll be honest… We haven’t totally decided on a format for the new Shooting Range Recap. My initial thoughts are that it will read somewhat like a journal, dedicated to our time at the range. But, I certainly reserve the right to switch things up a bit as we go.

My plan is to keep this section very informal, which is how we really are at the range. No macho tacticalness here!! But even though we may tweak the format as we go, our goal is to give you a better look at our range time, range equipment used, and all the range activity that ultimately leads up to product reviews.

Stay tuned for more…