ATN X-Sight Reticle Selection and Ruger 10/22 Update

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Today’s range trip was dedicated to continued testing of the ATN X-Sight and our newly acquired Ruger 10/22 rifle. This was my wife’s first experience with both, so it proved to be a great time!

Kavod KVD-15 with ATN X-Sight
Kavod KVD-15 with ATN X-Sight

ATN X-Sight HD 5-18X Update

As I have mentioned in previous posts, part of the challenge of writing about the ATN X-Sight is conveying all of its features without subjecting our readers to technical overload. The X-Sight is really easy to use, but reading about all the features can seem overwhelming. So, we have decided to break up its review into a series of shorter posts.

The ATN X-Sight gives shooters the ability to control the style of reticle that is displayed. You can even choose to display no reticle, which can be useful when using the X-Sight for observational purposes only. Of course, one of the really cool features of the X-Sight is that it can connect wirelessly to your cell phone or tablet. This allows the X-Sight to be controlled from either the scope itself, or via a cell phone or tablet. The following image is a screen capture from the tablet I was using while selecting my reticle option.

ATN X-Sight Reticle Selection
ATN X-Sight Reticle Selection

The above image shows reticle options that are available as of the most recent firmware update of the ATN X-Sight. Although I don’t recall the source, I have read that more reticle choices will be available with future firmware updates.

Ruger 10/22 Update

There are several reasons to have a Ruger 10/22. For me, I wanted to have a rifle that my wife and kids could shoot for a couple hours without feeling beat up by recoil. After my first trip to the range with the 10/22, I felt confident that they were going to love the rifle. So, I was really excited to see how my wife felt about the rifle today.

Ruger 10-22 Carbine Model 1256
Ruger 10/22 Carbine Model 1256

I am happy to say that, for my wife, it was love at first shot. She is definitely a fan of the 10/22 and its soft shooting 22LR round. However, she soon came to the same conclusion that I did regarding the gold bead dot front sight that comes with our model (model 1256). It seems to blend in with paper targets, making it difficult to focus on the sight. We will definitely be testing out some other sights/optics.

The kids weren’t with us on this range trip, so I’ll definitely report back on their thoughts of the Ruger 10/22. Stay tuned for more…

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