Sighting In Nikon P-223 Scope with HPR 223 55gr FMJ

HPR Ammunition

Today’s range trip gave me the opportunity to finally sight in the Nikon P-223 scope that I recently mounted on the Kavod Custom KVD-15 rifle. It also allowed me to do some more testing of HPR .223 ammunition.

In interest of full disclosure, we spent a few minutes at last week’s Kavod Custom Range Day getting this scope sighted in. But, I knew it was still a bit off, so some fine-tuning was in order.

Kavod Custom KVD-15 with Nikon P-223 and HPR Ammo
Kavod Custom KVD-15, Nikon P-223, HPR 223 Ammo

The ammo used during today’s range session was HPR .223 Rem 55gr FMJ with Factory Processed Brass (223055FMJ-R).

HPR 223 Rem 55gr FMJ (Factory Processed Brass) Ballistic Data:

  • Part Number: 223055FMJ-R
  • Projectile: FMJ
  • Weight: 55
  • Casing: Factory Processed
  • Muzzle Velocity (FPS): 3,223
  • 100yd Velocity (FPS): 2,820
  • 300yd Velocity (FPS): 2,112
  • Muzzle Energy (FT/LBS): 1,269
  • 100yd Energy (FT/LBS): 971
  • 300yd Energy (FT/LBS): 545
  • Rounds/Box: 50

Since I knew the scope was already close to being zeroed, I went ahead and set my targets up at 100 yards, rather than 25, which is where I normally begin. My first few shots revealed that I was approximately 1” high and ¼” right.

Using the Spring Loaded Instant Zero-Reset Turrets on the P-223 is super-easy. Based on my first few rounds, I simply dialed the top turret 4 clicks to the right, and the windage turret up 1 click. My next few rounds were right on target.

Once you are comfortable with the P-223 adjustments, you simply lift the spring-loaded adjustment knobs, rotate to zero, and reengage. The scope is now sighted in.

As far as ammo performance, I continue to be impressed with HPR Ammunition! I fired 100 rounds today. The following target shows my last 5 rounds, which was very representative of most of my groups today. If you eliminate the round in the bottom right corner, which was definitely shooter error, this group is slightly less than 1½” at 100 yards. This is pretty decent for me, but a better shooter could undoubtedly get even better accuracy with this ammo.

HPR 223 55gr FMJ Factory Processed Brass with KVD-15 and Nikon P-223
HPR 223 55gr FMJ Factory Processed Brass with KVD-15 and Nikon P-223

At the shooting range in which I am a member, shooters must qualify their rifle / optic combination on the 100 yard range before being allowed to use the 300 yard range. I was able to qualify the KVD-15 / Nikon P-223 setup, so future posts should include some 300 yard action!

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