ATN X-Sight Testing


Today’s range trip was all about continued testing of the ATN X-Sight. However, thanks to a heavy rain that moved in, things came to a soggy stop after about 45 minutes . That being said, I still managed to fire 80 rounds.

As a little background, the ATN X-Sight is a digital rifle scope that is loaded with features such as night vision, photo & video recording capability, a built in compass, GPS, geotagging options, elevation tracking, and velocity tracking. But today’s range trip was simply about the basics… sighting in the X-Sight.

ATN X-Sight
Kavod KVD-15 Rifle with ATN X-Sight

The process of sighting in the X-Sight is actually very simple. If you can operate the menu on a cell phone, you can operate this sight!

After selecting the X-Sight’s “Zero Setup” option, you fire your first round at the target. Using the X-Sight’s arrow keys, you then move the reticle to the  point of impact, while keeping a green dot on your initial point of aim. Press “Enter” and the X-Sight is zeroed.

The only issue I had was with my inability to see the actual bullet holes at the distance I was shooting (100 yards). For me, some Shoot-N-C targets, a spotting scope, or better eyesight would have come in really handy at this distance!

The first 30 rounds fired were Federal .223 55gr FMJ. All 6 of the 5 round groups were between 2″ – 2 1/4″. Switching over to HPR .223 60 gr V-MAX immediately shrunk my groups down to the 1 1/4″ – 1 1/2″ range. For me, that is good!

HPR 223 60 gr V-MAX
HPR 223 60 gr V-MAX at 100 yards

As I mentioned, the heavy rain cut this range trip a bit short. But so far, I continue to be impressed with the ATN X-Sight. Stay tuned for more on this rifle scope!

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