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Nov 06

StealthGearUSA SG-Revolution IWB Mini Holster for Glock 43

A first look at my Glock 43 in the new StealthGearUSA SG-Revolution Holster. The Revolution Series is available in StealthGearUSA’s IWB Mini, IWB Standard, and Appendix models. The model shown is their IWB Mini. Today was only my first day carrying the Revolution, so this post is really just my first impression of the holster. But that …

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Oct 30

Sig BRAVO4 Battle Sight First Range Test

Not to be overly dramatic, but my first range trip with the Sig BRAVO4 Battle Sight has got me rethinking my optic of choice for a go-to AR-15 rifle. First, a little background… Prior to this range trip, I was convinced that the best optic for my go-to AR was a red dot sight. My thought process was simple… …

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Sep 14

Sig BRAVO4 4x30mm Megaview Battle Sight First Look

To magnify, or not to magnify, that is the question. Well, maybe that isn’t “THE” question, but it is certainly something I’ve thought a lot about with regard to setting up a go-to AR-15 rifle. And the new Sig BRAVO4 4x30mm Megaview Battle Sight may be changing my thoughts on this topic! First, let’s establish what I mean by …

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Aug 25

Windham SRC with Trijicon MRO and Samson Magnifier

If you have trouble maintaining accuracy at longer distances while using a red dot sight, you might want to try using a magnifier. The magnifier shown in this image is the Samson 3.5x Magnifier with QR Quick Flip Mount. This mount allows you quickly transition between the red dot, and red dot with magnifier. My wife has …

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Aug 17

Walker’s Razor-X Hearing Protection – First Range Trip

The phrase “game changing” is on my list of cliché descriptions I try to avoid using when describing a product. However, “game changing” is exactly what comes to mind when I think of my first range trip with the new Walker’s Razor-X hearing protection. First, let me acknowledge that there are a few electronic molded hearing protection …

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