Korth Mongoose Carry Special in American Handgunner

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Engineering Excellence & Artistic Style: Korth Mongoose In Mar/Apr Handgunner

“These are not price-point revolvers,” warns Special Projects Editor Roy Huntington of the Korth Mongoose Carry Special and Heritage models featured in the Mar/Apr issue of American Handgunner. “They’re an inspiring celebration, showcasing what gifted engineers and artisans in steel and wood can do when no limits on expectations force them into that corner where price-point meets polymer. They are, in short, breathtakingly unique and shameless in their obvious beauty and functional distinction.”

Korth Mongoose Carry Special in American Handgunner

The new retro P80 GLOCK from Lipsey’s perfectly replicates the very first Gen 1 GLOCK 17 that so took the world by storm. In “The Origin Of Everything,” Will Dabbs, MD explains how, from its revolutionary polymer frame to its groundbreaking Safe Action striker-fired trigger system and rakish grip-to-frame angle, the P80 captures all that was righteous and wholesome about the first radical GLOCK handgun.

A Mossberg Mc2c tops the issue’s Handgun Of The Month Giveaway. Ideal for CCW, the Mc2c features a 3.9” barrel, 1.10″ width and increased capacity in its 13- and 15-round double-stack magazines. The winner will also receive a Streamlight TLR 7-A Flex, a Phrike knife from Spartan Blades and an American Handgunner T-Shirt from Nine Line Apparel. The package is valued at over $900 and readers are encouraged to enter the free drawing at AmericanHandgunner.com/giveaways.

Additional highlights in the Mar/Apr issue include Frank Jardim’s thought-provoking look at the gun believed to be the one to start World War I with the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand in 1914, the FN Model 1910. In the Carry Options column, Editor Tom McHale dispels common carry myths — namely that it is possible to carry a full-size gun concealed and under a T-shirt. When it comes to handgun-ready positions, Tiger McKee believes simple is best. He explains why “low-ready” does almost everything needed in Tactics & Training.

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