CZ Shadow 2 Orange

CZ Competition Pistols

CZ Competition Pistols, including the Shadow 2 Orange and TS 2, boast enhanced ergonomics, exceptional accuracy, and impeccable performance.

Remington Gun Club 12 Gauge

Remington Gun Club 12 Gauge Load

Remington Gun Club 12 gauge load is optimized for sporting clay shooters, while being a great choice for other clay shooting disciplines as well.

FN 509 Free Gear Promo

FN 509 Free Gear Promo

FN America, LLC is pleased to announce the latest Free Gear promotion available for certain models of the FN 509 pistol.

Stoeger STR-9 Handgun Rebate

Stoeger STR-9 Rebate

A rebate is available on all Stoeger STR-9 handguns including the STR-9C sub-compact, full-size STR-9S Combat pistol, and optic-ready models.

Girsan MC1911S XLV Commander

Girsan MC1911S XLV Commander

Davidson’s has teamed up with Girsan, imported by European American Armory, to develop the Girsan MC1911S XLV Commander offering.

TRUGLO Intercept Rifle Scope TG-TG85394BI

TRUGLO Intercept Rifle Scope Upgraded

The TRUGLO Intercept rifle scope now includes a glass-etched BTX IR duplex reticle, interchangeable turrets, and a rubber-coated speed-focus eyepiece.

Mec-Gar CZ 75B Magazines

Mec-Gar CZ 75B Magazines

Mec-Gar USA announces the addition of upgraded CZ 75B magazines in 10 and 19 round versions to their product line.