Montana Rifle Company (MRC)

Montana Rifle Company

Montana Rifle Company (MRC)

The Montana Rifle Company (MRC) was founded by gunsmith and barrel manufacturer Keith Sipe in 1999. What originally started as a business specializing in gunsmithing firearms for avid sportsmen soon became a barrel manufacturer known for its quality hand-made barrels. The business continued to grow incorporating custom hunting gun builds and Mauser type actions.

Company shut down in 2020.

Gun Manufacturer Profile

  • Company: Montana Rifle Company
  • Parent Company:  Montana Outdoor Group
  • Headquarters: Kalispell, Montana
  • Founded Date: 1999
  • Founder: Keith Sipe
  • Traded as:
  • Subsidiaries / Brands:
  • Gun Types:
    •  Custom Hunting Rifles
  • Other Products:
    •  Hand-Made Rifle Barrels
    • Mauser-type Actions
  • Website: Visit Site
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