Korth NXR 44 Magnum in GUNS Magazine

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Simply The Best? Korth NXR .44 Magnum Tops October GUNS Magazine

“With an execution most typically reserved for nuclear reactors or interplanetary spacecraft and a sticker price to match, the NXR .44 Magnum is the powerful rarefied handgun for the shooter of distinction,” proposes Will Dabbs, MD of the GUNS October cover gun.

The NRX .44 Magnum from Korth is, according to Dr. Dabbs, a piece of handheld ballistic art: Gill-like slots in the barrel sleeve allow the natural stainless steel 6″ barrel to remain visible underneath, and the Turkish walnut grips are huge, but supremely comfortable. The rear target-style sights are fully adjustable and machined into the frame while “acres” of rail space accommodate accessories on top — and below the barrel. To complete the rugged look, the gun sports an attractive DLC finish.

Korth NXR 44 Magnum in GUNS Magazine
Korth NXR 44 Magnum in GUNS Magazine

“As expected, the holy melding of Korth-Waffen and Nighthawk Custom makes for a gun which is preternaturally accurate. Reloads are as fast and smooth as your dexterity will facilitate,” he concludes.

In “A Ruger, The Rookie And Redemption,” Wayne Van Zwoll goes on a high-country hunt to test the new, long-legged Hawkeye Long Range Hunter (LRH) in 6.5 PRC. Easy to carry in elk country at 8,500 feet — and with features any hunter would appreciate (20-minute rail for long zeroes, spacers to adjust stock length and faster than 6.5 Creedmoor) — the LRH proved more than capable with deer and elk encountered on the weeklong Colorado hunt.

A Franklin Armory BFSIII M4 chambered in 5.56 NATO sits atop the October Firearms Giveaway Package. Among its many features, the rifle is equipped with the BFSIII Binary Trigger, 16″ LTW contour barrel, M4 stock, mid-length gas system, A2 muzzle device and grip and optic-ready sights. The winner will also receive a Streamlight Protac 2L-X USB flashlight and Manikomio fixed-blade knife from KRUDO Knives. Combined, the package is valued at more than $1,300. Readers are encouraged to enter the free drawing at www.gunsmagazine.com/giveaways.

There’s more in October GUNS: Denny Hansen builds “a better AR mousetrap” in the Defensive Rifles column. Through careful selection of parts, his DIY rifle is a one-of-a-kind quality, hard-use firearm as good as any of the top manufacturers’. Does your gun deserve your trust? Massad Ayoob strongly suggests going through the steps of vetting your own carry or home-defense handgun in the Handguns installment. In Think Tank, Jeff “Tank” Hoover honors “The Sixgunner” himself, Mr. John Taffin, in “A Single-Seven Salute.”

“Rifle Dynamics Thunder Ranch AK — Clint Smith’s Ultimate Urban Rifle,” by Dave Workman is this month’s Online Exclusive. GUNS Magazine digital subscriptions and the October issue are available for purchase at www.fmgpubs.com.

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