Concealed Carry Leggings for Women

Tactica Defense Fashion

Tactica Defense Fashion Creates Concealed Carry Leggings

Post Falls, Id. – (ArmsVault) – Tactica Defense Fashion is announcing a new line of concealed carry leggings, which are legitimately made with concealed carry in mind. Instead of being a normal pair of leggings with a gun-related logo printed on them, Tactica Defense Fashion’s leggings are made specifically for women who carry on a daily basis.

They can be seen online at:

Tactica Defense Concealed Carry Leggings
Tactica Defense Concealed Carry Leggings

Tactica Defense Fashion, winner of the NRA’s 2020 Golden Bullseye Award for innovative women’s products in the gun and concealed industry, specializes in creating concealed carry clothing, holsters and accessories designed for women from the ground up. Women are the fastest-growing demographic in Americans who carry for their own protection. Very little functional clothing and gear for women who carry has been on the market until now.

These concealed carry leggings are made for active and casual users alike. They’re perfect for use while jogging or walking, or for just wearing because leggings are comfortable.

There are two models, our standard Concealed Carry Leggings and the Athletic Concealed Carry Leggings. Both have an MSRP of $89.99, and are made of a nylon-spandex blend that stretches to fit your shape, but is also slimming.

Athletic Concealed Carry Leggings
Athletic Concealed Carry Leggings

The standard Concealed Carry Leggings – which can be seen at: – are available only in black, with a white Tactica Defense Fashion logo on the right hip. These leggings feature two pistol pockets on the right side, one on the front waistband and one on the rear waistband. The pockets are lined with thermoplastic elastomer to protect the pistol and the trigger  guard, and feature retention straps  for security.

The Athletic Concealed Carry Leggings – available at: – are similar, but with select improvements. The Athletic edition features a slimmer cut, with additional seams for reinforcement.

The Athletic Concealed Carry Leggings feature the same pockets for carrying a pistol in the front and rear of the waistband, but also include an accessory pocket on either thigh for a cell phone, spare magazine, credit card or other small items. The Athletic leggings are offered in black, gray and red as well.

You can Dress to Protect, and fit any lifestyle!

About Tactica Defense Fashion:

Tactica Defense Fashion is devoted entirely to women’s concealed carry, offering an array of products covering a woman’s every need for daily carry and concealment. We offer concealed carry clothing, holsters, purses, backpacks, gun belts and other accessories for women who conceal and carry, and dress to protect.