Steiner M8Xi IFS Rifle Scope


Steiner Advances with M8Xi IFS Intelligent Firing Solution Rifle Scope

GREELEY, Colo. – (Armsvault) – Continuing a legacy of innovation, Steiner advances the tactical rifle scope world with the new M8Xi IFS riflescope featuring Intelligent Firing Solution capabilities in a 1-8x optics providing operators with real-time targeting data on an integrated, customizable heads-up display. Developed as part of the M-Series line of optics used by elite task forces around the globe, the IFS system enhances shooter efficiency and precision with the latest in ballistic computing technology.

A built-in sensor suite gathers firing solution information and presents it on a heads-up display located in the shooter’s field of view. The shooter can customize the display to include cant, wind speed and direction, target distance and windage and elevation turret settings.

M8Xi IFS riflescope
M8Xi IFS riflescope

The sensor suite measures temperature and barometric air pressure and an internal inclinometer shows scope cant. Using the touchpad or a custom mobile app, the shooter can enter wind speed and direction, and distance to target to determine the shooting solution. An onboard ballistic calculator will instantly display the exact ballistics settings for your shot. The result is a precise firing solution presented in real time.

Available in 1-8x56mm, the M8Xi IFS gives shooters long-range capability while still maintaining battlefield versatility with true 1x zoom and an impressive 32 to 4.5-meter field-of-view at 100 meters. Supreme optical quality produces a sharp, clear and bright sight-picture even in low light. The 34mm tube and low-profile knob design have been optimized for precise windage and elevation adjustments and provides more mounting options on use on different rifles or for adding equipment.

Designed to handle the most abusive and unpredictable combat scenarios the M-Series IFS line of riflescopes is built with extreme waterproof, fog proof and shockproof rigidity, unmatched versatility and efficiency through cutting edge technology.

The M8Xi IFS is available with the DMR8i Reticle in a covert black design.


  • 1-8x Magnification
  • Weight 31.7 ounces
  • 56mm objective lens diameter
  • Overall length of 10.8inches
  • DMR8i Reticle
  • FOV 32-4.5m @ 100m
  • 3.54 inches of eye relief
  • -2 to +2 diopter adjustment
  • Waterproof/fogproof/shockproof
  • Wind/Elevation Click Value 0.1 mrad
  • 1 x AA/CR2032 battery
  • MSRP: $7,199.99


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