Kopfjager Tripods for Shooting

Kopfjager Industries

Kopfjäger Tripods Provide Rock-Solid Stability

(MANSFIELD, TEXAS) – (ArmsVault) – Kopfjäger introduces two dependable tripod systems, the K700 Heavy Duty Tripod and K800 Carbon Fiber Tripod. Kopfjäger’s tripods are designed to reduce fatigue and enhance mission-, competition- and hunting-oriented shooting in every environment by stabilizing your firearm.

Kopfjager Tripod
Kopfjager Tripod

The K700 Heavy Duty Tripod is crafted from sturdy aluminum and features 3-level leg extensions with locking levers, 3-position angle locks and durable foam grips for comfortable hand placement. The reversible center column allows you to adjust the height of your firearm or camera by an extra 14.9 inches, giving you the option to shoot standing up or from seated and prone positions. Fully extracted the bipod measures 72 inches and just 27 inches when fully retracted. The K700 tripod can withstand a maximum weight capacity of 25 pounds and comes complete with a carrying case.

Kopfjager Tripods

The rock-solid K800 Carbon Fiber Tripod boasts 4-level leg extensions, 3-position angle locks, twist leg locks and can withstand a max weight of 20 pounds. Featuring an anti-rotational system (A.R.S.), the legs are designed to lock and not rotate inside each other. The K800 center column features a hook so users can add more weight for unrivaled stability. Fully extracted the K800 reaches a max height of 64 inches and fully retracted, measures 19 inches. Both the K700 and K800 include a tripod case, rubber grip feet and a 3/8”-16 (1/4”-20) reversible thread.

Dealers interested in learning more about Kopfjäger products should email sales@kopfjagerindustries.com.