Langdon Tactical Announces Red Dot PX4 Solution

Langdon Tactical Technology

Langdon Tactical Technology Announces Red Dot PX4 Solution

( – Langdon Tactical Technology (LTT) announces they now offer a red dot solution for Beretta PX4 Compact and Full-Size handguns.  Shooters of all experience levels appreciate the rapid target acquisition a red-dot optic can provide.  Thanks to Langdon Tactical Technology that speed is now available for fans of the PX4’s soft-shooting characteristics.

Langdon Tactical Red Dot PX4 Solution

This new process uses Glock MOS plates, meaning any optic that fits an MOS plate can be used.  LTT will mill and re-Cerakote the slide black or grey depending on the slide’s original color.  Pricing starts at just $349 and includes the following:

  • Milling of the slide, re-cerakote of the slide
  • Full-set of Glock MOS Adapter Plates. Any Micro Red Dot Sight that fits on the Glock MOS Plate will work with this solution.
  • If purchasing the Trijicon Type II Adjustable RMR, the mounting kit is also included and we will install it for you if you wish. We, however, will NOT be zeroing the firearms if you choose to send in your complete firearm.

The work will take 3-4 weeks and is a great chance to have the optional trigger job completed too.

INBOUND/OUTBOUND Shipping of the firearm is not included UNLESS purchasing new.  We are happy to provide you with INBOUND labels for complete firearm shipments and bill you accordingly.

Prior ownership of a PX4 is not required.  If you’ve been contemplating a PX4 LTT offers both the PX4 Carry and PX4 Compact Carry with various levels of refinements.

About Langdon Tactical Technology:

Langdon Tactical Technology is a source for advanced education and equipment needs specializing in the Beretta 92/96 and PX4 platforms.