FN 509 Midsize Trigger Upgrade by Apex

Apex Tactical Specialties

Apex Announces Trigger Upgrade for New FN 509 Midsize

PEORIA, Ariz. – (ArmsVault.com) – Apex Tactical Specialties announces that the Apex Action Enhancement Kit for the FN 509 is fully compatible with the newly released FN 509 Midsize from FN America.

FN 509 Midsize with Trigger Upgrade by Apex
FN 509 Midsize with Trigger Upgrade by Apex

Apex’s patent-pending design of the Action Enhancement Kit for FN’s striker-fired pistols includes Apex’s popular Flat-Faced Trigger mounted on an Apex designed proprietary Trigger Bar which is paired with an Apex Sear. When installed the kits reduce trigger pull weight to give you an approximate pull weight in the 5.5 lbs range. Overall trigger travel is optimized to provide a smooth uptake while delivering a crisp trigger break.

The Action Enhancement Kits available for the FN 509, FN 509 Tactical and new FN 509 Midsize include:

Apex has also released a new armorer’s tool specifically for working on the FN 509 and FNS Compact model pistols. The FN 509/FNS-C Disassembly Fixture (Part #104-130) is designed for use with all current FN 509 and FNS Compact models, including the FN 509 Midsize. When used correctly, the fixture properly holds the FN 509 or FNS Compact pistol frame into position to locate a pin punch for removal of the unlocking block pin without damaging the frame.

“Removal of this pin is by far the most difficult aspect of the disassembly process for these FN pistols,” explained Scott Folk, COO of Apex. “That’s why we designed this FN Disassembly Fixture. It’s the ideal bench tool for any FN owner, law enforcement agency armorer or gunsmith working on the FN 509 and FNS Compact pistols.”

Apex has posted an instructional video on how to use the new tool when disassembling the FN 509 and FNS Compact frames. That video is available on YouTubeFull30 and GunStreamer.

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