Not Your Average Gun Girls Podcast

Not Your Average Gun Girls

Female Hosted Gun Podcast Promises To Be Different

[Denver, Colorado, February 1st 2018] – ( – Concealed Carry Inc, better known as is launching a new podcast as a compliment to their media offering. Known for The Concealed Carry Podcast, is excited to reach a broader audience with this addition.

The new podcast titled, Not Your Average Gun Girls Podcast, goes live February 1st with interviews with female representatives of Springfield Armory, Sig Sauer, Glock, and HK. The Podcast seeks to empower women while dispelling the common stereotypes associated with “gun girls.”

The podcast will be hosted by Amy Robbins and Emily Valentine who intend to discuss fashion, self-defense, and firearms as part of a modern self-reliant lifestyle. “Part of being independent in today’s society is taking one’s own personal security seriously,” says Amy Robbins. “Carrying a firearm and being prepared to use it is just a piece of the lifestyle that we will strive to promote.”

Amy is no stranger to broadcast media. Amy formally of Gun TV and former cohost of NRA’s NOIR is accustomed to being in the spotlight and is excited to work on this new format. Having recently launched a lifestyle apparel brand for gun carrying women, Amy looks forward to empowering the fastest growing demographic of gun owners.

Podcast Cohost Emily Valentine is the woman behind, a lifestyle site launched in 2015 to blend women’s fashion and self-reliance. Emily has worked for years to empower women to stay true to their sense of style and unique values while embracing concealed carry and self-defense.

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