Leather Pancake Holster for Glock 17

Leather Pancake Holster for Glock 17

Living in Georgia I don’t get the opportunity to take snowy photos very often. So with the unusual snowfall today, I couldn’t resist taking a glamour shot of my new Glock 17 leather pancake holster that I received from Craft Holsters!

This holster, manufactured by Vega Holster, is actually the second holster I’ve owned from that manufacturer. In fact, the first Vega Holster I owned was used to carry my very first handgun, a Sig P226. It is now 20+ years later and both the Sig P226 and Vega Holster are still in good shape. So needless to say, I’m expecting some great performance from this new leather holster. And upon first inspection, I don’t think I’ll be disappointed.

If you aren’t yet familiar with Craft Holsters, be sure to check them out. They offer a great selection of holsters, for a huge selection of handguns!

Craft Holsters

Vega Holster Leather Pancake Holster w 2 Carry Positions:

  • Manufacturer: Vega Holster
  • Available in black or mahogany leather
  • Three belt slots for perfect stability
  • Quick release snaps
  • Available in right and left handed design
  • Entire barrel covered
  • Strong side 3 or 4 o’clock
  • Open muzzle
  • 2 year limited warranty
  • More Info: