Nighthawk Custom Browning Hi Power & Korth Mongoose in American Handgunner

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Nighthawk Custom’s Browning Hi Power & Korth Mongoose Featured In American Handgunner’s Nov/Dec Issue

( – Since its debut in 1935, the Browning Hi Power has earned a solid reputation for reliability and success as a high-capacity semi-auto pistol. In the November/December issue of American Handgunner, Nighthawk Custom provides some high-class updates to this iconic platform while creating an instant classic: the hand-fitted Korth Mongoose .357/9mm revolver.

American Handgunner Nov-Dec Issue

On the Browning Hi Power, Massad Ayoob shares, “Lots of shooters wanted to shoot the Nighthawk Browning. I cheerfully obliged. Between us, several hundred rounds of ball and assorted JHP went downrange. There were no malfunctions of any kind. The Browning Hi Power always had a solid rep for reliability.”

No expense is spared in creating the Korth Mongoose .357/9mm combo. Nighthawk’s performance-built, super high quality double-action revolver proved remarkably accurate. “This gun is definitely ‘Python-esque,’ its silhouette and overall feel and balance is essentially the same as the iconic Colt. If the Colt Python was the Cadillac of revolvers as Colt advertised, the Korth is pretty much the Rolls-Royce,” Mas concludes.

More highlights in the issue include Will Dabbs, MD’s examination of the “Magnesium Revolution” in the firearms world. The lightweight element may give some pause when considering durability, but Will assures readers, “this material is plenty robust to handle the stresses to which 1911 frames and AR receivers are subjected.”

Hollywood seems to get it wrong more often than not. In this month’s “Better Shooting” column, Dave Anderson details how not to carry a sidearm. And in “The Ayoob Files: A Cop-Killer’s Last Run,” the final days of career criminal and famous Dillinger Gang member, Homer Van Meter, are recounted.

Dominating this month’s gun giveaway is the GLOCK G19 Gen5, inspired by the GLOCK M pistol used by the FBI. This 9mm Gen5 features the GLOCK Marksman Barrel, a flared mag-well and Ameriglo Bold sights. This month’s winner will also receive a CaseCruzer 6 Pack Quick Draw Handgun Case, a Diamond D Custom Leather IWB holster, OWB magazine pouch and an Alaska Tough leather belt, 260 rounds of DoubleTap 9mm +P 124-gr. Bonded Defense ammo and a Benchmade 570 Presidio II knife. The package is worth a combined total of $1,805.38 and readers are encouraged to enter the drawing, for free, by visiting

There’s even more from American Handgunner — this issue’s online-only features include “Crooked Seating – Does bullet seating affect accuracy?” and “Affordable Carry Methods.” Visit to access exclusive web content and previous issues of American Handgunner. The November/December issue can be purchased and downloaded as a PDF. Kindle and digital versions are also available