StealthGearUSA SG-Revolution IWB Mini Holster for Glock 43

StealthGearUSA SG-Revolution Holster IWB Mini for Glock 43

A first look at my Glock 43 in the new StealthGearUSA SG-Revolution Holster. The Revolution Series is available in StealthGearUSA’s IWB Mini, IWB Standard, and Appendix models. The model shown is their IWB Mini.

Today was only my first day carrying the Revolution, so this post is really just my first impression of the holster. But that being said, it certainly has made an impression!

You’ll probably immediately notice the diamond-shaped ports that have been cut into the ACX-57 polymer. This makes for a very “breathable” holster. What you can’t tell from the photo is how lightweight this holster is. Weighing in at only 4.13 oz, it is definitely lighter than similar-sized leather backed holsters. To explain why this is so important to me, I’m going to have to hit you with a big dose of honesty… Here goes… I have often been accused of not having much of a butt. This lack of a backside always leads to my pants wanting to head south. The struggle is real! So, having a lightweight holster that minimizes sagging pants is something I REALLY appreciate!

As for the Kydex shell, it fits the G43 perfectly. As far as I’m concerned, the biggest test for this holster will be in how well the ACX-57 polymer backing holds up over time. I’ll keep you updated if I encounter any issues.

StealthGearUSA SG-Revolution Holster:

  • Models Available: IWB Mini, IWB Standard, Appendix
  • Tough, flexible, single layer proprietary ACX-57 polymer material
  • Absorbs zero moisture
  • Soft suede-like backing
  • Pebbled surface in contact with firearm, decreasing drag by 50%
  • Black oxide stainless steel fasteners
  • Custom SGUSA-designed injection molded polymer clips
  • Custom designed for each handgun model
  • Hand built in the USA
  • Ships in 72 hours (excepting Sundays and holidays)
  • More Info: StealthGearUSA

Glock 43:

  • Caliber: 9×19
  • System: Safe Action
  • Length: 159 mm / 6.26 in
  • Width: 26 mm / 1.02 in
  • Length Between Sights: 132 mm / 5.20 in
  • Height: 108 mm / 4.25 in
  • Barrel Height: n/a
  • Barrel Length: 86 mm / 3.39 in
  • Weight:
    • Unloaded: 509 g / 17.95 oz
    • Loaded: 634 g / 22.36 oz
  • Trigger Pull: ~25 N / ~5.5 lbs
  • Trigger Travel: ~12.5 mm / ~0.49 in
  • Barrel Rifling: right hand, octagonal
  • Length of Twist: 250 mm / 9.84 in
  • Magazine Capacity:
    • Standard: 6
  • More Info: Glock