Pachmayr Grip Extenders


Increase the capacity of your handgun using a Pachmayr Grip Extender.

Pachmayr is proud to introduce their new line of Grip Extenders from A&G Supply

( – Many popular compact handgun models will accept magazines used in the full size version of the same model, thus increasing your magazine capacity. These longer magazines will extend down below the grip frame however, making the grip uncomfortable and unsightly. The Pachmayr Grip Extender fills this void, providing an enhanced grip and making the longer magazine look like it belongs! The Grip Extender simply slides over the magazine and is secured with a set screw. Available for most popular compact and sub-compact handguns.

Pachmayr Grip Extenders

Part # (A&G Designation) For Gun(s) with Magazine

03850 (G17/19) Glock 19/23/32 with Glock 17/22/31 Mags

03851 (G17/22) Glock 26/27 with Glock 17/22 Mags

03852 (G19/23) Glock 26/27 with Glock 19/23 Mags

03853 (G20/21) Glock 29/30 with Glock 20/21 Mags

03854 (XD9/40) Springfield XD9/XD40 Sub Compact with Springfield XD9/XD40 Mags

03855 (XD45ACP SUB) Springfield XD45 Compact with Springfield XD45 Mags

03856 (S&W M&P9/40) S&W M&P‐9C/M&P‐40C with S&W M&P‐9/M&P‐40 Mags

03857 (PM 9) Kahr PM9 with Kahr P9 Mags

03858 (MK 9) Kahr MK9 with Kahr K9 Mags

03859 (COLT) Colt 1911 Officer with Colt 1911 Government Mags

03860 (P13) Para P10 with Para P13 Mags

03861 (P14) Para P10 with Para P14 Mags

MSRP: $11.98

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Pachmayr Grip Extenders