SIG P229/226 Gunfighter in American Handgunner

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SIG’s New P229/226 Gunfighter Inside American Handgunner May/June 2016 Issue

( – With the Legion Series, SIG SAUER introduced a line of high performance firearms and accessories that deliver not only what elite users need, but what they want. These features are now available to consumers, and the cover story of American Handgunner’s May/June 2016 issue features SIG SAUER’s Legion series of P229 and P226 pistols. The company had polled elite SIG users — from SEALs to gunsmiths to shooting champions — to learn the custom features professionals seek as factory enhancements for their guns. The result: the Legion Series. Massad Ayoob carried a Legion P229 for nearly a month and found it as concealable as any P229.

SIG P229-226 Gunfighter Inside American Handgunner
American Handgunner May/June 2016

“The first differences you see are the cool, smooth gray PVD finish … and the lambda symbol of the ancient Spartan shield…. The first difference you feel is in the trigger. It’s a Bruce Gray custom set-up … and you immediately realize Legion is to SIG as Wilson Custom is to Beretta or Performance Center to standard-line Smith & Wesson,” Ayoob said.

Fitting the profile of a “serious user,” Ayoob asked Nick Deem, an Indiana policeman who has won multiple fatal shootouts, what he thought of the Legion P229 after taking it out on the range. He said, “I have shot a number of SIG’s in the past and have carried them both on and off duty. They are my preferred weapon platform. This P229 Legion 9mm is the best SIG I have fired yet.”

In “Kel-Tec’s SUB-2000 Convertible Rifle: An ‘Ultimate’ Handgun Accessory?” Will Dabbs debates the axiom even though rifles are more accurate than pistols, most people carry handguns because long guns are difficult to conceal and carry. He identifies a good option —  the Kel-Tech SUB-2000, “a pistol-caliber rifle that can instantly collapse onto itself for transport.” Will Dabbs tested one and found it “fun and functional” and “a good ‘accessory’ for your defensive handgun.”

In the May/June issue, American Handgunner “Close Look” profiles 1911 accessories and airsoft/airguns for plinking at home. Looking at 1911s, Dave Douglas lists eight “newish and nifty” accessories to customize this iconic handgun in “1911 Goodies: Eight Gotta-Gets For Your Favorite Gat.”

Other highlights from this issue of American Handgunner include “Almosts: The CP1 Pistol” and “The Caspian Dream: American-Made 1911 Frames, Slides and More.” A “Close Look” tells why it’s now easier to shoot airguns at home.

The Handgun of the Month for American Handgunner May/June 2016 is the GLOCK G40 Gen4 MOS. The 10mm handgun in the giveaway comes with a Leupold DeltaPoint Pro Rear Iron Sight and Guard, 200 rounds of DoubleTap ammo, a Guides Choice holster and magazine pouch from Diamond D, a Hogue EX-03 folding knife and a SureStrike Premium Kit from LaserAmmo. Readers can enter the contest for a chance to win this package, valued at $2,551.95, by going to

The American Handgunner May/June 2016 issue has three online-only articles. Online readers can learn more about the Tristar P100 semi-auto, H&K’s P30 series and how to make bullet lubing faster and easier. Readers can sign-up for advance notice when the latest digital version is available for online viewing at