Guncleaners Joins ArmsVault Supporters


ArmsVault Welcomes Guncleaners as a New Supporter

Atlanta, GA – ArmsVault is proud to announce that Guncleaners, developers of ultrasonic gun cleaning systems, has become a supporter of the ArmsVault Network.

Since 1995, Guncleaners/Police Products Corp. CEO Greg Infante has been involved in developing the best ultrasonic firearm clean and lube systems available on the market today. The systems he brings to market were developed from his extensive experience with shooting and selling all types of firearms going back to 1978 when he obtained his FFL. He was the first to offer heated systems using non-hazardous cleaner and lubricant creating a market that others have followed but not surpassed.

“ We take great pride in helping people out with their gun cleaning jobs no matter how big or small. We have delivered systems to gun and firearm manufacturers, all branches of the federal government and US armed forces, gun shops gunsmiths, shooting ranges and many individual shooters with an extremely high degree of customer satisfaction.  We always have time for customer service before and after the sale to discuss any cleaning application with any customer making sure they get the right system for their needs.”, says Mr. Infante.

To see their full line of ultrasonic firearm cleaning and lube systems, visit

About Guncleaners / Police Products Corp:

Guncleaners (Police Products Corp) are developers of ultrasonic gun cleaning and lubrication systems. Their systems are used by gun manufacturers, all branches of the federal government and US armed forces, gun shops, gunsmiths, shooting ranges, and many individual shooters. Visit their site at:


About ArmsVault:

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