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Jun 04

Silent Legion: The Perfect Partner for Hog Hunting

Silent Legion, a veteran-owned company, has suppressors for every need, including cans for all of the most popular hog hunting rounds.

May 04

Silent Legion Multi-Caliber Suppressor Kits

Suppressors can be expensive, especially with the additional $200 tax stamp required, which is why the Silent Legion Multi-Caliber Kit is a good option.

Apr 25

Helix 6 Precision Rifle Barrels at NRA Annual Meetings

Helix 6 Precision announces their attendance at the NRA Annual Meetings. Helix 6 Precision barrels are available as pre-fit barrels for both Savage and the Ruger Precision Rifle in many popular long-range cartridges.

Apr 25

Silent Legion NRA Annual Meetings and Exhibits

Silent Legion is joining forces with USIQ in booth #215 at the NRA’s 148th annual Indy convention. FAB Defense and Helix 6 are also sharing the booth space.

Mar 31

 USIQ Taking Orders for Silent Legion, FAB Defense, Helix 6

USIQ is pleased to announce they are now accepting orders for all their tenant brands: FAB-Defense, Silent Legion, and Helix 6 Precision.

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