Wilson Combat EDC X9 2.0

Wilson Combat

Wilson Combat Releases the EDC X9 2.0

BERRYVILLE, AR. – (ArmsVault) – Welcome to the Future of Everyday Carry: The EDC X9 2.0. Launched in 2016, the EDC X9 rapidly rose to popularity, merging the timeless design of the 1911 with the cutting-edge features that modern shooters demand. We are excited to introduce the EDC X9 2.0, which builds upon the foundation of its predecessor, featuring upgrades that deliver superior performance and reliability without sacrificing the visually-striking aesthetics that have won widespread admiration since its debut.

Wilson Combat EDC X9 2

All-New Solid Frame Design

The EDC X9 2.0 is constructed using a durable, high-capacity compact aluminum X-Frame, designed to offer full-size performance in a sleek, EDC-friendly package with improvements made to enhance accuracy and reduce recoil.

Customizable 1911 Style Grips

Now more versatile than ever, the EDC X9 2.0 features new, easily interchangeable Classic 1911 style grips. These screw-on grips help you quickly fine-tune your set up and feel great in hand, striking the perfect balance between comfort and concealability.

Not Just Another Carry Pistol

Renowned for its legendary lightweight stature and striking visuals, the 2.0 withstands the demands of daily use and provides an exceptionally intuitive and comfortable shooting experience. Some might label it a classic, others may call it a trendsetter, but make no mistake – the EDC X9 2.0 should never be underestimated as just another carry pistol.

Wilson Combat

Wilson Combat has been a leader in the firearms industry for over 45 years. They are known for their commitment to quality craftsmanship and precision, which they maintain to this day. Today, they are a top choice for those in search of custom handguns that meet the highest standards of excellence. This release is just another example of their unwavering dedication to providing customers with a superior product and experience.

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