KG Made Is Now KGM Technologies

KGM Technologies

KG Made Becomes KGM Technologies and Expands Offerings

Atlanta, GA – (ArmsVault) – KG Made has become, KGM Technologies. KG Made’s Founder, Kyle Grob, has partnered with Richard Cope to form a new technology firm focused on innovation within the defense industry.

Kyle and Rick represent 40+ years of experience in R&D, Manufacturing, & Material Science innovation. This experience ranges from industries such as nuclear power generation, defense, energy, and industrial manufacturing.

KGM Technologies prides itself on our tenured staff of veterans, engineers, firearms competitors, developers, and industry professionals. Thus, being able to provide organizations with personalized solutions ranging from the simplest of requirements up to large scale projects. Currently KGM Technologies has ongoing R&D projects with the DOD (Department of Defense), SOCOM, and several other Government Agencies.

KGM Technologies Leadership - Richard Cope & Kyle Grob
KGM Technologies Leadership - Richard Cope & Kyle Grob

“Our mission is innovation. Many of the systems and technologies used by our Front-Line Military and Law Enforcement have provided decades of service without significant innovation. Our mission at KGM Technologies is to change the narrative.” – Richard Cope

Under this new technology umbrella, KGM-Tech will be expanding our offerings to the Mil/Gov/LE to include expertise and specialists in:

  • Research & Development for Defense, Energy, Small Arms, and Industrial Manufacturing
  • Sound Suppressor Technology
  • Material Surface Conversions, Molecular Bond Coating, and Advanced Metallurgy Requirements
  • Weapon Systems Testing and Data Collection
  • Turn-key OEM Manufacturing
KGM Technologies Leadership - Kyle Grob & Richard Cope
Kyle Grob & Richard Cope

“Our company was built on focus of sound suppressor innovation. KGM-Tech’s sound suppressors are built with the requirements of accuracy, zero flash, recoil reduction, and sound reduction. KGM’s sound suppressors are a true force multiplier. By addressing the aspects that have plagued suppressors since their inception, KGM has a variety of patented technologies that allow those issues to be a thing of the past.” – Kyle Grob

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KGM Technologies is an 07/02 FFL veteran owned, leading edge technology and manufacturing company. We specialize in developing small arms sound suppressors, advanced weapon systems, material surface and coating technologies, exotic materials, as well as OEM manufacturing. We pride ourselves on having a cutting-edge research & development team led by our Founder/CTO Kyle Grob. Our CEO, Richard Cope, is a retired US Marine Corps Officer that has overseen billions of dollars of government contracts throughout his career.