CZ Upland Ultralight All-Terrain Shotgun Wins Great Buy Award


CZ Upland Ultralight All-Terrain Awarded Great Buy by Outdoor Life’s Editor

“For a bird hunter on a budget, this All-Terrain is a solid choice.”

Kansas City, KS – (ArmsVault) – Outdoor Life’s shooting editor spent the summer banging away with 24 new rifles and shotguns and just released the results. The CZ Upland Ultralight All-Terrain came out on top, winning an Outdoor Life Editor’s Great Buy Award!

“Over the years, CZ has earned several awards in our annual gun test, so it was not surprising that the company came away with another Great Buy trophy for this interesting bird gun,” John B. Snow, Outdoor Life’s Shooting Editor, noted in his review. At just 5 pounds 14 ounces, this 20-gauge hits the mark for a shotgun meant to be carried all day across the uplands. What really impressed us, however, was how the gun swung and shot. It wasn’t whippy or challenging to control, which can happen with lightweight guns.”

CZ Upland Ultralight All-Terrain Shotgun
CZ Upland Ultralight All-Terrain Shotgun

“We spent a tremendous amount of time trying to find the best tool for the job, and the Upland Ultralight Shotgun is a prime example of that. The All-Terrain Series of shotguns came completely out of necessity,” said Dave Miller, Shotgun Manager for CZ-USA. “While I was on a waterfowl hunt in the gulf coast of Texas, I realized the need for a shotgun with a corrosion-resistant finish because all of the guns in the blind looked horrible due to the corrosive saltwater environment, so bad I had to ask “What the heck happened to your guns?” All of the fellas in the blind replied, “Salt Water!” From there came the All-Terrain Series of CZ-USA shotguns. We are completely humbled to have one of our shotguns on this list, and we appreciate Outdoor Life for seeing the value in our product.”

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Outdoor Life’s experts run each product through a specially designed and very-thorough testing process. Following these tests, the scores are tallied, with the best value in each category given the Great Buy Award.

Clad in OD Green and walnut – CZ-USA’s All-Terrain shotguns stand out without being ostentatious. The muted green Cerakote finish makes them ideal for fieldwork, increasing their hardiness and making them near impervious to the elements. To make them more ideal for use in a duck blind or while handling dogs and equipment in the field, each of the All-Terrain over/unders and side-by-sides has a set of rare earth magnets installed in their extractor or ejectors. With these magnets in place, most modern shells are retained in the gun even when the gun is turned upside down. These shotguns, equipped with sling swivels and extended chokes, are ready to chase birds – from doves and ducks to turkeys and grouse!

As Shooting Editor John Snow discovered, this All-Terrain is a solid choice for bird hunters on a budget.

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